Antidepressants Alternative for Depression Near Los Altos: Ketamine IV Therapy

May 23, 2023

Soft Reboot Wellness (650-419-3330) located in Silicon Valley, led by Dr. Sara Herman, is pioneering Ketamine Therapy as a promising solution for depression, especially for SSRI traditional treatments. As depression rates rise, this innovative approach could offer a brighter, healthier future for affected individuals.

With depression remaining a prominent mental health concern in California and other parts of the world, traditional treatment methods like SSRIs often prove insufficient. However, a beacon of hope is visible on the horizon in the form of an unconventional yet promising solution - Ketamine Therapy. This alternative treatment method has been lauded as a breakthrough, especially for individuals unresponsive to conventional treatments. Soft Reboot Wellness, located near Los Altos, California, is at the forefront of this innovation, making headlines and turning heads with its commitment to this advanced therapy.

The California Department of Public Health states that 17.8% of adults in 2018 were told they had a depressive disorder. Individuals living with depression often face daily struggles, from managing relationships and work responsibilities to even finding the will to get out of bed.

The therapy is offered under the experienced guidance of Harvard-trained anesthesiologist, Dr. Sara Herman. Her 12-year career demonstrates her expertise and commitment to mental health. One can understand the dedication of Soft Reboot Wellness to this ground-breaking treatment from her words "We are committed to providing our patients with evidence-based treatments that promise real change. Our experience with Ketamine Therapy has shown us that it's possible to give people a new lease on life when traditional therapies fail them."

To learn more about how interested parties suffering from depression symptoms can benefit from this revolutionary treatment as an alternative to SSRIs antidepressants, visit

Dr. Herman's words underscore the potential of this novel treatment, "Our mission is to help individuals reclaim their lives from the clutches of depression. We've seen, firsthand, the remarkable results that Ketamine Infusion Therapy can offer, and we're passionate about making this therapy accessible to those who need it."

The transformational impact of Ketamine Therapy can be further understood by referring to this case study:

Soft Reboot Wellness, under the leadership of Sara Herman MD, is located at 825 Oak Grove Ave # A101, Menlo Park, CA 94025, United States. They extend a warm invitation to individuals in Los Altos and surrounding cities to discover a fresh perspective on mental health care. Visit or call +1-650-419-3330 to get in contact with the practice's professional team and start a personalized journey of relief.

As we continue to grapple with the far-reaching impacts of depression, Ketamine Therapy offers a promising alternative to traditional treatments. Ketamine Infusion Therapy is an innovative approach that may well be an excellent alternative to unlock a brighter, healthier future for those living with this debilitating mental health condition.

Explore the potential of this revolutionary treatment and start a new chapter of mental health today.

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