Ann Arbor’s Driveway Replacement: Concrete, Milled Asphalt, & Gravel Resurfacing

May 23, 2024

Want a beautiful, clean-looking driveway that withstands the extreme Michigan weather? In Ann Arbor, Waltz Concrete (517-605-8184) will replace the surface of your driveway with the highest-quality, durable materials and customize it to fit your style and budget!

Your driveway is the entrance to your home. It says a lot about you. Not to mention, a driveway that looks amazing and stands up to wear and tear will increase your home's value!

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Customize Your Look

Waltz Concrete offers Ann Arbor residents and business owners tailored driveway replacement services for various surfaces, including gravel, concrete, stone, and milled asphalt.

The team will work with you to determine which materials and styles will suit your aesthetic preferences, budgets, locations, storage needs, vehicle types, and average traffic volume.

Driveways For Michiganians

With Michigan's extreme changes in weather from season to season, Waltz Concrete builds driveways that will endure both its sub-zero winters and hot, humid summers.

If you have a traditional asphalt driveway that has cracked, settled, and faded, Waltz Concrete can replace it with a superior material that provides a cleaner appearance that will last much longer.

Along with harsh weather, tree roots can cause major damage to driveways by bulging, cracking, or chipping the surfaces. Erosion and previous construction debris buried underground can also lead to sinkholes in driveways, posing serious safety hazards and negatively impacting property values.

Driveway repairs and resurfacing can greatly lengthen a driveway's lifespan and replacing worn materials with more durable, high-quality ones can ensure your family's safety and improve your home's overall appearance, increasing its value.

Highest Quality Materials

Concrete is one of the main materials Waltz Concrete uses in its driveway replacement services, as it is both reliable and offers a wide range of design and texture options. For example, you can get stamped concrete that is made to look like cobblestone or wood plank!

Gravel is a customizable, low-cost, easy-to-install option the team offers as well, and is often the best choice if you tend to have heavy traffic or many vehicles on your property.

Recycled or milled asphalt is another common driveway replacement material, as it is environmentally friendly, affordable, and grows stronger and more rigid over time. You can even opt to have your driveway surface replaced with natural stone, for a more classic look.

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