American-Made Fence & Gate Accessories: Get Aluminum Hinges, Drop Rods & Latches

Apr 11, 2024

Whether your fence is new or old, Modern Fence Technologies (262-642-9123) has the aluminum hinges, drop rods, and latches you need to make sure your property is safe and secure!

When most people think about fences and gates, they don't think about the hinges, drop rods, and latches that are a part of them, even though they are just as important as the fences and gates themselves. One company that does think about them is Modern Fence Technologies! Their high-quality fence and gate hardware are designed to enhance the security, aesthetics, and functionality of your residential property. The hardware can be purchased individually or wholesale from the company’s website.

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Keep Your Property Safe

Modern Fence Technologies offers a range of aluminum hinges, drop rods, and latches - reliable and durable accessories able to withstand the rigors of daily use.

“At Modern Fence Technologies, we boast an extensive range of fence and gate hardware, all proudly manufactured in the USA,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “We firmly believe that discerning customers prioritize American-made products of superior quality, and we're committed to delivering exactly that.”


Modern Fence Technologies’ hinges are precisely engineered for seamless operation. 1 1/2" by 2 1/2" and crafted from premium-grade aluminum, corrosion-resistant, and can be used for any gate, new or old.

Drop Rods

Similarly, their aluminum drop rods provide strength and stability while remaining lightweight and versatile. Typically used to reinforce gates and prevent sagging and misalignment, rods are affordable accessories that significantly improve the integrity of fences.


Smaller components, but just as critical to fence and gate integrity, are Modern Fence Technologies’ latches. Made from the same aluminum as the hinges and drop rods, the latches have been engineered to open and close smoothly without degrading over time.

Good For Any Fence Or Gate

The hinges, drop rods, and latches have all been manufactured with ease of installation in mind; most customers who are adept at DIY projects can install them themselves.

All three accessories can be applied to virtually any type of fence or gate, whether metal, chainlink, wood, or vinyl. It also doesn't matter where your fence or gate is situated; they can be used for perimeter fences, driveway gates, and much more.

“Whether you're looking to enhance the security, stability, or aesthetics of your property, our tools offer unmatched performance and durability,” said the spokesperson. “By investing in our products, you can elevate your fencing experience and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is well-protected.”

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