Philippines Alternative Fundraising Social Enterprise Supports Local Nonprofits

May 14, 2024

Do you want to help those in need in the Philippines? By supporting Dreambucket, you help local legacy nonprofits make a difference in the lives of many Filipinos.

Among Filipinos, bayanihan conjures up images of a nipa house being carried by many people on their shoulders towards a new location. While such a sight is no longer common in the Philippine countryside, the concept of a community coming together to help a member in need lives on through the selfless acts of many legacy nonprofits seeking to make a difference.

Drawing from the spirit of bayanihan, Dreambucket was formed by a group of young people with the goal of helping these nonprofits achieve their goals using unconventional means to muster support. Learn more about its mission at

Filipino Nonprofits: The Unsung Heroes

Legacy nonprofits are unsung heroes in the Philippines, working endless hours with limited resources to fight for the underserved and the voiceless. Despite their resilience, their strong faith in change, and their impeccable track record, many continue to struggle with a lack of resources mainly because of their inability to engage with potential donors.

By using non-traditional fundraising tactics and digital marketing strategies, Dreambucket opens a new door for these legacy nonprofits, helping them secure the resources they need to make a lasting impact by carrying on their respective missions.

Alternative Fundraising Social Enterprise for Legacy Nonprofits

Dreambucket was born out of a small crowdfunded initiative to feed children in underserved communities in Davao City. Because of this exposure, Dreambucket founder Kristine Nantes found traditional charitable funding to be outdated, limiting, and unsustainable. So, she created a social enterprise that makes it easy for anybody with internet access to contribute to philanthropic missions in the Philippines regardless of budget or location.

Dreambucket has grown a lot since then. The fundraising social enterprise now supports various legacy nonprofits like the Tuburan Institute, Philippine Permaculture Association, Davao Durian Rugby Club, and more, making significant contributions to important causes like education, disaster relief, food sustainability, and sports development.

"Many of these nonprofits have a solid theory of change and a great track record, but often lack the resources needed to truly make a lasting and exponential impact. That's where we come in," said a spokesperson for Dreambucket.

Dreambucket Goals YOU Can Help Achieve

Every peso you give goes directly to legacy nonprofits dedicated to nurturing social change in every part of the Philippines. Dreambucket is on a mission to improve the lives of 19.9 million Filipinos who need our help and you can be part of this.

A Better Philippines, One Mission at a Time

Dreambucket aims to bring sustainable, nonprofit initiatives to conscious donors. By making fundraising fun, accessible, and community-driven, Dreambucket helps nonprofits connect with potential donors who might not otherwise come across such campaigns using traditional promotional tactics.

As Dreambucket says: “We’re not just a fundraising company. We’re pioneers. Trailblazers. We’re redefining the way Filipinos think about philanthropy and social impact. Our approach is bold, our vision is ambitious, and our results speak for themselves.”

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