Super Funnel Academy & Emporium AI Reviews: Best Business For Digital Nomads

May 14, 2024

Are you looking for a done-for-you solution to create a flexible home business that allows you to work from anywhere? These guides from Cat’s Tech Talk cover Super Funnel Academy and Emporium AI!

So you want to work for yourself and live the laptop lifestyle, but you don't know where to begin? Affiliate marketing and AI software businesses are two of the best options in 2024, and Cat's Tech Talk breaks down two popular entry points – Super Funnel Academy and Emporium AI. Which is best for you? Let's dive in!

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Everybody wants to be a digital nomad

A recent report by the Guardian revealed that the number of digital nomads worldwide reached approximately 40 million in 2023 - a number that's projected to grow to 60 million by 2030.

Learn how to master affiliate marketing

Super Funnel Academy is taught by James Renouf and Max Gerstenmeyer, who have 21 years of internet marketing experience, and if you sign up you'll also get the chance to network with like-minded professionals, helping you to grow.

The webinar covers a proven formula for amplifying social media visibility, driving targeted traffic to high-converting offers, and building an audience across platforms like TikTok. You will gain insights into leveraging the power of social channels to grow your online presence and increase conversion.

According to the program's creators, it offers a turnkey solution, providing pre-made assets and ready-to-implement funnels that streamline the entire process, with around 98% of the groundwork already prepared.

A spokesperson for Cat's Tech Talk states: "For those curious about digital marketing, Super Funnel Academy is worth considering. However, enter with realistic expectations and a clear understanding that while the program can be impactful, it might not replace a full-time income immediately for everyone."

Maybe AI software is more your jam?

Emporium AI is a premium AI software package run by Al Cheeseman, allowing you to have a custom-branded product tailored to your niche - with full launch and marketplace setup provided.

It offers ongoing support, comes with a done-for-you traffic system, and includes one-on-one mentoring from an expert in the field.

Cat's Tech Talk adds: "Al's involvement goes far beyond the typical support offered by many marketers - he's actively engaged in ensuring that you not only understand how to use the software but also how to effectively grow your business."

Which option is right for you? Get the full breakdown of both and see which is the best fit!

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