Alpharetta Functional Medicine Doctor: Genetic Testing For Autoimmune Diseases

Feb 24, 2024

The team at Conscious Medicine (678-899-0558) in Alpharetta, GA, works closely with you to create a personalized treatment plan for whatever ailment you may have. They use a functional medical approach to help you recover faster and for longer.

Are you tired of being tired all the time—even as you pop a million and one pills? The truth is, that you may be treating the symptoms of your condition rather than resolving it at its root cause. Think of it like trying to fix a broken bone with a painkiller. It may feel better for a few minutes, but it won’t fix the main problem.

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Conventional medicine has failed us. We’ve been told that pain is always the problem, and all the medicines we take are to make the “pain” go away. But pain is our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. Pain is a symptom of an underlying condition—and that’s why all our treatments to get rid of the pain are only masking the true issue.

It’s time to treat conditions at their root causes with a trusted functional doctor in Alpharetta!

Achieve your health goals in 3-6 months

Dr. Truc Nguyan of Conscious Medicine is known for her functional medicine treatments. Unlike conventional medicine which focuses solely on symptoms, Dr. Truc uses a holistic and integrative approach to resolve conditions at their root causes.

If you’re suffering from:

  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Digestive disorders
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • GERD

Then this is exactly for you!

Create a roadmap to your healthy transformation

All functional medicine packages include genetic testing to determine any predisposition to various sicknesses, including cystic fibrosis and heart disease. Based on the findings of these tests, Dr. Truc designs a personalized treatment plan that considers your genetic, medical, and nutritional history.

She clarifies that a majority of common illnesses, like diabetes and cancer, are often caused by the interaction of multiple factors. As a functional medicine doctor, she attempts to remove this interaction and then treats each factor holistically.

The key to a healthy future

Genetic testing plays a key role in treatment. Dr. Truc explains that DNA reveals your susceptibility to various illnesses and how you may react to various medicines and treatments. For example, you may have a genetic vulnerability to some nutritional deficiencies, which could contraindicate an intended treatment plan. By knowing this at the onset, you can avoid taking ineffective medicines and going to multiple hospital visits - and, instead, begin healing right away.

It's the most effective and efficient way to improve your health.

A Tailored plan

Dr. Truc and her team clarify that functional medicine takes a step beyond conventional medicine because it allows medical doctors to take a closer look at your overall health. Through genetic testing, Dr. Truc gains deeper and more valuable insights into your body.

Conscious Medicine is a trusted functional medicine clinic in Atlanta. It believes all conditions should be treated at their root causes to move clients out of disease and into vitality.

They accept patients worldwide and offer virtual consultations.

A spokesperson for the center wrote, "Functional medicine is fundamentally customized medical treatment. It's a way of looking at health founded on the idea that your body is one extensive, integrated system. The foundation of conventional medicine as it is currently practiced is an artificial compartmentalization and segregation of the body's many organ systems. Therefore, the main goal of treatment is to reduce a disease's symptoms."

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