All-Day Infant Daycare In Princeton North, With Cognitive & Language Development

Aug 4, 2023

Looking for reliable childcare near Princeton North? As a parent, quality and affordability are important considerations. RisingStars Family Childcare offers both – and so much more. Call the Plainsboro center at +1-609-785-5094 today!

The best childcare providers aren’t just babysitters - they’re caring and nurturing experts on child development. RisingStars believes that the sky is the limit for your child, and with guidance, they can reach for the stars.

Your standards are rightly high when it comes to childcare; you want your little one to be in the best possible environment. That’s where RisingStars Family Childcare comes in, following a vibrant, New Jersey-approved learning curriculum that emphasizes the early building of social emotional skills, motor skills and creativity for babies and toddlers alike.

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RisingStars Family Childcare also opens its sought-after care to a wider range of children in need. Whether you have preschool or pre-K-aged kids, this center is equipped to meet their educational, cognitive, and language-developmental needs.

Babies and infants are welcome, too - the center’s nurturing program provides a mix of toys, age appropriate resources, and activities suited for young infants. Across all age groups, of course, hygiene routines and social skills are practiced - teaching children behavioral values that they’re expected to retain as they grow older.

“We provide a ton of resources,” says RisingStars spokesperson. “Our tots feel safe with our earlt childhoor educator like with mom, which helps to build the trush and healthy relashions with people in around their environment. They can also learn to create a sense of self by looking into mirrors, build object permeance through peek-a-boo, and learn a sense of community by learning to share, toys. We help them express and create an interest to interact with their parents, teachers, and other friends.”

Its approach to whole child development is centered around cementing foundations, helping your child to begin realizing their potential in a wide range of areas. As such, RisingStars Family Childcare prioritizes sharing, independence, and nutrition in its day-to-day caregiving while also aiding the discovery of your little one’s natural gifts.

What’s more, it’s never too early to start preparing your child for kindergarten and school. That’s why RingStars Family Childcare’s state-backed curriculum covers a versatile array of themes that eventually spans language and science to numeracy and visual art - with caregivers making available effective materials, books, and realia.

Parent communication is a crucial aspect of the RisingStars Family Childcare program, with the center offering an app that provides you with frequent updates on your child’s recent activities and well-being.

One parent remarked: “My son has learned so much in his short time at RisingStars and he enjoys it thoroughly. Ms. Aparna is a very dedicated and talented teacher - she has incorporated many different teaching styles and is so creative. The facilities are clean and kid-friendly.”

Ready to ask about enrollment? The team is more than happy to talk over the phone, or give inperson tour, and a free playdate so give them a call!

RisingStars Family Childcare offers an environment that produces happy kids, happy carers, and most of all, happy parents.

So, if you’re in or around Princeton North, head to to learn more about RisingStars Family Childcare today!

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