Al Fike Releases New Book On Divine Love & Jesus’ Teachings For World Peace

Nov 30, 2022

Open your heart to the words of Jesus with the latest book by Al Fike, “Finding Our Way Home”. Here, you are taught exactly the steps you can take today to spread the wisdom of healing and spirituality to the world.

Al Fike Releases New Book On Divine Love & Jesus' Teachings For World Peace

Do you feel a constant tugging in your heart that something is just not right?

If, even when you're surrounded by your friends and family, you still feel alone and depressed, know that there's nothing wrong with you.

There is a spiritual war happening right now, and we have blinded ourselves to our own souls under the guise of “reason”.

But reason also tells us that God is our Savior and Jesus has some messages for us. If you open your mind a little bit and accept the Truth, you will find healing in your heart. And this healing can change the world.

Divine Love Sanctuary announces its newest book, “Finding Our Way Home” by Al Fike. This is the sequel to the popular spiritual guidance book, “Our World in Transition: Messages from Jesus”.

“Finding Our Way Home” is the latest publication of Divine Love Sanctuary and shares many lessons designed to awaken your deeper self amid the changing world. As a continuation of “Our World in Transition”, "Finding Our Way Home" encourages you to use the power of love to change the hearts and minds of humanity.

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Al Fike says that his new book shares Jesus’ vision of the world in the future, and how humanity must act now to prevent possible upheaval. In line with the core belief of Divine Love Sanctuary, "Finding Our Way Home" emphasizes the teachings of Jesus so that both the mind and soul can awaken to the Truth.

Both publications use real-life examples to augment the core lessons. Fike explains that all revelations should be announced in clear and understandable language and concepts so that the everyday person can immediately apply it in their lives.

No “woo woo” stuff here: Just plain and simple lessons about love and kindness that you can apply to your life right now! Just like with "Our World In Transition", everything is laid out for you in digestible tidbits that you can read all throughout the day.

Through constant prayer, Fike was able to hear the words of Jesus, who told him that the people needed to live more in harmony with the Laws of Creation.

Divine Love Sanctuary is a registered, nonprofit organization based in Canada that self-publishes spiritual guidance and enlightenment books. It is headed by Al and Jeanne Fike who believe that prayers are the fastest way to activate a person’s deepest soul longings. Aside from owning a healing farm, Divine Love Sanctuary regularly hosts global prayer circles that call on God’s Divine Love to heal the many problems facing the world today.

Currently, "Finding Our Way Home" is available as a paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

As described by Divine Love Sanctuary, "Jesus continues to share spiritual lessons designed to awaken our deeper selves and make sense of an ever-changing world. He talks about the power of love to change the hearts and minds of humanity. He continues to speak of a faltering world which in time will make way for something completely different and new."

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