Akron Boardroom Furniture: Pre-Owned Chairs & Tables For Your University

Jul 28, 2023

When you want stylish furniture for your university’s boardroom but don’t want to break the bank, check out the second-hand products sold by The Office Furniture Warehouse (+1-216-431-2700).

The Office Furniture Warehouse understands the importance of university boardroom furniture, so it recently added new items to its expansive selection of used items.

You now have the opportunity to acquire brand-name boardroom furniture at budget-friendly prices. All second-hand items have been thoroughly refurbished, so they feel and function as if they were new.

Learn more by visiting https://theofw.com/

Representatives say this development is part of the company’s mission to provide quality but cost-effective furniture to universities like yours, which often have limited budgets. Despite being pre-owned, the items are stylish and made of deluxe materials, making them apt for use in your boardroom.

The Office Furniture Warehouse has a showroom that spans four hectares, giving you ample choices no matter what your needs may be. There will also be sales associates who can advise you about which furniture to select, taking into consideration the size and interior design of your boardroom.

The furniture selection ranges from conference tables, executive chairs, credenzas, podiums, and bookshelves. The Office Furniture Warehouse carefully curates products in its store, with an eye toward functionality and ergonomics. Seats, for example, have adjustable backs to accommodate users of various heights and builds.

In addition to greater cost-effectiveness, second-hand furniture can also make your university eco-friendlier. According to a study conducted by EcoAct, the tertiary education sector generates over 18 million tons of carbon dioxide — equivalent to the emissions of four million cars. Used furniture has a much lower carbon footprint as it does not require raw materials and manufacturing.

A spokesperson says: “Furnishings matter in any higher education institution, but even more so in boardrooms where key decisions are made. Given the long meetings that transpire in these spaces, high-quality furniture is paramount. With our wide selection of products, you can get brand-name tables and chairs that are well within your budget.”

You can pick up your orders or have them delivered straight to your school.


The Office Furniture Warehouse is a leading provider of new and pre-owned furnishings. With showrooms in both Akron and Cleveland, it serves the entirety of the Summit and Cuyahoga Counties. It carries products from renowned brands like Herman Miller, Haworth, Global, Hon, and Steelcase.

Finally, you can afford sleek brand-name boardroom furniture without going over budget. Visit The Office Furniture Warehouse today and start shopping!

Aside from dropping by the store’s showroom, you can also visit https://theofw.com/ to order used furniture online.

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