AI Sales Agent Service For Cold Outreach Reduces Staffing & Marketing Costs

Apr 1, 2024

You can generate new meetings, signups and revenue as you sleep with Kalendar.AI and their team of AI sales agents. They will find the best leads for you worldwide and do all the groundwork so you can focus on closing the deal.

With Kalendar.AI, an incredible new AI sales and cold outreach solution, you can book meetings and generate revenue on autopilot. From just $417.00 a month, you will have 5 AI sales agents working for you around the clock.

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Grow Your Team With AI Sales Agents To Cut Staffing Costs

If you make use of Kalendar.AI’s newly launched technology, you will gain a team of AI sales agents that will use sophisticated algorithms to search for contacts and qualified leads for you worldwide. These smart sales agents will then craft personalized emails to engage with prospective clients and customers, funding partners and stakeholders, B2B collaborators, and more, and start relationship building on your behalf.

The team at Kalendar.AI has seen that sales agents and sales personnel typically represent a bloated cost for new enterprises like yours, one which often takes time to pay dividends.

That’s why they are excited to be reducing your staffing costs by showing you how you can use smart AI to replace both sales and sign-up agents. 

Get The Best ROI On Cold Email Outreach

Since their launch at the start of this year, Kalendar.AI has helped partnering businesses to significantly cut down on staffing expenses, as well as marketing and ad costs, and they are confident their AI sales agents can bring you a far better ROI than both in-house and outsourced cold outreach work done by paid employees. They are equally confident that they can also better the ROI of Google and Meta ads, which you must similarly pay employees to strategize and manage. 

A spokesperson for the development team behind the new service said, “Kalendar.AI sales agents autonomously drive meetings, sign-ups, and revenue, captivating your prospects from a pool of 300+ million companies globally. Our personalized email ads deliver 10X your current ROI from B2B campaigns.” 

Enjoy A Full Calendar Of Sales Meetings

In addition to doing cold email outreach, their sales agents will follow up with booking Zoom or video call meetings with qualified leads. Kalendar.AI works with both Zoom and Calendly to offer you seamless integration.

The goal of Kalendar.AI is to help start-up and small business founders and account executives like you generate a full calendar of sales meetings much more quickly (and cheaply!) than a team of traditional sales agents could do for you. 

As Kalendar.AI is powered by smart AI technology, including the leading language model technology, everything that they do is personalized and customizable and their sales agents will also offer you active feedback and analysis.

One happy new user, an NYC-based Principal Consultant, said, “After the initial very easy setup, it is hands-off. Meetings appear on my calendar on autopilot, just like they say.”

If you’re ready to start making sales and forging B2B partnerships on autopilot, go to

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