After caring for a loved one, caregivers can now get grief support via text.

Aug 17, 2021

New service for caregivers delivers personalized grief support via text message.

Lucinda Koza, founder of I-ALLY, this week unveiled a new text-based grief support service for caregivers. Developed in partnership with Seattle software company, Grief Coach, the service delivers grief support for millennial caregivers who make up over one third of multigenerational family caregivers in the US. Grief Coach CEO, Emma Payne, is proud of this new and much-needed program. "Caregivers need and deserve specialized grief support," says Payne. After months and often years of caring for their loved ones, they are often left to grieve alone. Lucinda and I wanted to change this."

Grief Coach has been delivering personalized grief support via text message for 2.5 years. Their innovative service is available globally and already includes specialized support for teenagers, veterans, young widows and widowers, people grieving COVID losses, and many other grieving populations.Their new text series for caregivers was a priority for 2021. Grieving caregivers can now get year-long support that recognizes the unique journey of caregivers who care for their loved one during their illness, and then need grief support after their loved one dies.

Koza knows first hand how hard it can be to be a millennial caregiver. "Caregivers of all ages lose so much when their person gets sick," she says. "They lose freedom and hope, as well as friendships and activities. Then when their parent or grandparent dies, they're left alone with their grief. I'm so pleased to have partnered with Grief Coach to send lots of support to those caregivers, when they need it most."

Grief Coach's text support service is available to individual caregivers as well as to hospices, healthcare providers, and home healthcare organizations who want to support grieving family members who were part of the caregiving journey. Subscribers receive tips and resources all year long, personalized based on their loss. Grief Coach also builds grief literacy by texting date reminders and suggestions to friends and family who want to help their grieving loved one but might not be sure how.

Grief Coach supports grievers of all ages, but recognizes that young caregivers are especially in need of customized grief support when their loved one dies. Payne says "it was an honor to partner with I-ALLY to create a specialized text series for millennial caregivers who gave up so much to care for their loved one and then are often left to grieve alone when that person dies."

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