Advanced High-Sensitivity X-Ray Detectors In Nebraska Enhance Product Quality

Feb 22, 2024

Need x-ray detectors with especially high sensitivity to find those particularly elusive foreign materials in your hard applications? Pack & Inspect Group in Nebraska (855-232-1850) now offers dual-energy, high-sensitivity x-ray detection systems for food, beverage, and pharma processing and packaging companies like yours!

X-ray inspection is a crucial component of quality control in the food, beverage, and pharma processing and packaging industries. The quality control process protects consumers’ health, prevents financial losses, and protects brand reputation. Incorporating x-ray inspection in this process protects your product from contamination with foreign materials and also increases the accuracy of fill levels, mass, and weight; ensures seal strength; and detects container defects.

If your company is in Nebraska or elsewhere in the Upper Midwest, Pack & Inspect Group’s x-ray inspection machines from global industry leader METTLER TOLEDO Safeline can help you hit your goals in all these areas. Take a look at the different series here:

Go with the Best - Go with METTLER TOLEDO Safeline

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline’s x-ray inspection systems feature the highest detection sensitivity in the industry, with minimum false rejects and a very easy-to-use operation compared to any other system you'll find on the market.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

With the added benefit of these systems’ dual-energy capacities, you can enjoy finer detection of softer contaminants - like rubber, plastic, rocks, and stones - in your more difficult applications. The systems also allow you to handle a broad range of application types, including those involving:

  • packaged products,
  • individual or bulk flow unpackaged products,
  • food service and bulk ingredient bags,
  • final shipper cases,
  • pumped foodstuff,
  • aerosols,
  • blister-packs, and
  • multi-lane applications.

Three High-Speed, High-Performance Series

The X34 series includes an advanced 0.4 mm detector, enabling you to more accurately detect very small, elusive contaminants. The detector has a full range of capabilities covering metal, glass, rocks, stones, calcified bone, dense rubber, and plastic, while it also lets you simultaneously conduct inspection checks for product quality and integrity.

The X36 series’ detector is capable of resolutions of 0.2 mm, 0.4 mm, or 0.8 mm, with aluminum or beryllium x-ray generators of up to 420 watts. It shares the same range of foreign-material detection capabilities and simultaneous inspection checks for product quality and integrity as the X34 series. Additionally, this series allows you to check for mass measurement, object checking, and closure presence and integrity.

With the X37 series, you can handle taller, rigid containers at the highest speeds. It provides you with a full suite of x-ray capabilities, features, and options that you can deploy with an exceptionally intuitive user interface.

About Pack & Inspect Group

Pack & Inspect Group’s F&B and pharmaceutical packaging experts bring you over 100 combined years of industry experience. They proudly represent the Midwest’s premier brands for packaging, inspection, and product handling solutions.

A company representative said: “With representatives across Northern Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska, we provide the expertise you need to guide you through the process of determining both the technology and product to satisfy your needs.”

Extra Customer Support Resources

Pack & Inspect Group goes the extra mile to ensure you're 100% satisfied with their Safeline x-ray systems, offering METTLER TOLEDO's national network of field service technicians, their iPac support paradigm, and their 5-year x-ray generator warranty.

For more details about Pack & Inspect Group's three series of x-ray inspection detectors and these additional resources, head on over to:

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