Add This Affordable Electric Boat To Your Rental Fleet For Profit and Fun

Apr 9, 2024

If you’re looking for an affordable, family-friendly , user friendly boat, GoSun’s new Eclat Splash will make a great addition to your rental fleet.

The new GoSun Elcat Splash is an all-electric, inflatable boat with a 1.3kw electric motor and a 1276wh integrated lithium-ion battery. It's the perfect boat for a leisure cruise on the lake with friends and family. 

GoSun will be showing off the Eclat Splash with a NEW 2024 steering console at this year's DC Boat Show in Waterfront Street, National Harbor. If you're in the Washington/Maryland area from May 3 to May 5, have a look at the Eclat Splash yourself!

Is the new Eclat Splash a good fit for your fleet? Check it out here!

Take A Quiet, Smooth Ride On Inland Waters

If you're looking for a good boat to rent out, the Eclat Splash should be the top option. Built to carry 6 passengers, the clean-powered, family-friendly boat gives you a silent, smooth ride on calm, inland waters. 

“The GoSun Elcat is an amazing opportunity for either the rental operator or anyone who has access to a lake or inland waters. This boat provides one of the smoothest, quietest rides, with its highly efficient lithium battery that can deliver hours of fun before being recharged by either shore power or optional solar panels,” said Jacob Harris, Technical Support Specialist for GoSun’s Boat Division.

An Affordable, All-Electric Boat Built With Durability & Agility In Mind

The Eclat Splash is a portable boat made with drop-stitched, double-walled, structurally laminated PVC, which makes it very durable while being light as air and agile in the water. The boat also has a simple helm, ample seating, 1300 pound weight carrying capacity and a roof deck mezzanine. 

With a very low cost of operational ownership and a high rate of return, the Elcat Splash will be very valuable as a boat rental. The European-manufactured, CE-certified boat also comes with a one-year commercial warranty and technical support.

Embrace Innovative Clean Solutions

GoSun manufactures appliances that can cook, cool, light, and power with no fuel other than the Sun. The company has delivered over 100,000 fuel-free solar consumer products in more than 70 countries. Recognized by the CES, FastCo., the UN, and the White House for its breakthrough solar technology, GoSun’s team of designers and engineers continues to share cutting-edge clean solutions with the world.

“GoSun creates innovative products that encourage fun, resilience and independence. Our new electric boat allows one to enjoy boating without noise or pollution. The first time boater can easily captain our boats and the silent motor makes fishing and cruising much more enjoyable,” said Founder and CEO Patrick Sherwin.

Click here for more on GoSun's new all-electric boat.

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