Add Crypto Assets To Your Retirement Portfolio With iTrustCapital Or BlockMint

Oct 26, 2022

Are you considering setting up a self-directed crypto IRA to diversify your retirement savings? Want to know which provider offers the services that best align with your needs? Then check out CosmosUPS’ report!

Add Crypto Assets To Your Retirement Portfolio With iTrustCapital Or BlockMint

If you’ve been pondering tapping into the world of crypto as a means of diversifying your retirement savings, you must be already puzzled by the hundreds of crypto IRA providers currently available on the market. CosmosUPS wants to help you make the right decision for your hard-earned money, reviewing the top 5 custodians and highlighting the areas where they outstrip industry peers.

Their guide briefs you on the differences between a traditional IRA and a crypto IRA and also provides a breakdown of the leading providers of self-directed Crypto IRAs to help you find a broker that suits your personal investment preferences and retirement saving needs.

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In the report, you will find information about BitIRA, CoinIRA, iTrustCapital, BlockMint, and Broad Financial and learn about their level of account security, flexibility for portfolio diversifications, support services, and overall costs.

While interest in cryptocurrencies has continued to grow throughout 2022, individuals looking to set up a crypto IRA to hedge or support their retirement portfolio are often uncertain of what to look for when choosing a provider. Since crypto IRAs are relatively new savings instruments, those nearing retirement age are generally wary of integrating crypto into their traditional retirement accounts. CosmosUPS details the advantages and downsides of investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and reviews some top custodians and the services they excel in to help you make an informed decision regarding your savings.

The report highlights asset diversification, flexibility, and the non-necessity of paying capital gain taxes as the main advantages of self-directed crypto IRAs that prompt a growing number of individuals to switch to crypto investments.

If you are looking for a self-directed IRA provider offering a bespoke level of account security, CosmosUPS singles out BitIRA as the company you may consider partnering with. If flexibility is your top priority, the authors recommend you check out what Broad Financial has to offer. For novice investors, the report points to BlockMint as the most suitable choice, and identifies CoinIra and iTrustCapital as the best providers in terms of expert assistance and low costs, respectively.

The report also takes a quick look at three other popular Bitcoin IRA providers you might be interested to look at, namely Acorns, Robinhood, and Coinbase, comparing them based on their fees, trading platform support, fees, and security.

CosmosUPS’s website is an online resource for cryptocurrency information, with a wide range of articles and reports covering all aspects of blockchain, including industry news, product reviews, and informational guides.

CosmosUPS takes out the guesswork on your quest for choosing the best self-directed crypto IRA provider - check out their guide today!

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