Accent Antennas Sydney Launches Cost-Effective New TV Antenna Installation Offer

Apr 12, 2018

Double Bay, Sydney, NSW digital TV antenna services provider Accent Antennas Sydney announced the launch of its special offer on digital TV and HD TV antenna installation services in the city. The offer includes a 30 percent discount on the installation and a 20-year warranty.

Double Bay, Sydney, NSW digital TV antenna company Accent Antennas Sydney announced the launch of its new offer on installation services. The company offers affordable antenna replacements from analog to digital television with a discount and extended warranty.

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The company announced a 30 percent discount on digital TV and High Definition TV antenna installations. Accent Antennas specializes in the quick and safe installations of rooftop antennas, satellite dish devices, cabling, and other video-based support devices. The firm handles insurance-covered antenna replacements caused by storm damage.

As Sydney’s preferred audio-visual systems company, Accent Antennas Sydney also provides a wide range of interior services such as TV mounting, home theatre installations, signal amplifier setups, set-top box installations, and the addition of extra TV outlets. Other services offered include the installation and servicing of home security alarms and camera systems.

The new digital TV antenna installation covers the complete conversion from analog to digital systems by fully accredited and licensed TV antenna installation and repair technicians. The firm’s industry-leading best practices include a secure installation process, waterproofing all cable paths, the use of high-quality fixtures and spare parts, and a complete inspection following every installation.

According to a spokesperson for the Sydney Eastern Suburbs antenna firm, “We are happy to offer discounted end-to-end digital TV antenna installation and repair services in Sydney. We stand by the quality of our work, by offering a 20-year warranty on new installations. Our high-quality installations are backed by our team of experts and responsive customer service.”

Headquartered in the suburb of Double Bay, NSW, Accent Antennas Sydney is a professional television antenna installation, repair, and servicing company serving the city’s metropolitan area and the Eastern Suburbs. A free quotation is available over the phone at 0411-273-648 and more information about the company’s services is available at the URL above.

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