A Holistic Video Series About Stress And Fertility -“Empowered for Pregnancy”

Jun 27, 2022

Despite trying everything, you are unable to conceive? A high likelihood exists that you are suffering from energy and hormonal imbalances as a result of stress. In this short video series, Vesna from Empowered for Pregnancy helps you understand what’s going on.

“Why am I not getting pregnant? This is a question that thousands of women around the world ask every day. It's possible that your doctor will tell you that you're fertile, that you have no reason to be scared, and that you should be patient. Yes, he is right, but have you ever considered that all that stress could be the cause?

There is a program, that discusses the causes and remedies for stress and emotional disturbances as the leading causes of infertility in women.

It is called Empowered for Pregnancy, and it teaches holistic approaches to pregnancy and childbirth. The presentation is presented by Vesna Pavlica, a bioenergetic health and wellness coach who has studied conception from multiple perspectives.

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In this video series, you will learn how non-biological factors such as relationships, emotional health, and spirituality can affect conception, maternal-fetal attachment, and fetal health. It embraces the natural progression of pregnancy and labor and trusts that your body has been designed to nourish to give birth.

An increase in infertility rates among couples can be attributed to energy imbalance and stress. Many women experiencing conception problems report feeling high levels of stress and anxiety that are comparable to those experienced by cancer patients. Because of this, health professionals recommend that women turn to holistic pregnancy care, which takes both physical and mental hygiene into consideration when treating infertility patients.

Vesna Pavlica explains to you the role your body organs play in fertility and pregnancy during the Empowered for Pregnancy video series. Additionally, she introduces a 12-month pregnancy process that starts three months before conception, which focuses on nurturing your body, improving your fertility, and boosting your mental health.

Through the program's website, you can sign up for free access to the video series. Videos explain how to release emotional trauma and support your body's natural processes through exercise and diet plans.

Additionally, Vesna Pavlica founded Holistic Womb Wisdom and Spiritual Pregnancy. It is Vesna's mission to raise awareness about how important it is to prepare physically, psychologically, and emotionally for pregnancy.

According to a company spokesperson: "For years, Vesna has been researching fertility from a variety of perspectives. With the guidance of mother nature, our body wisdom, and connecting with the spirit of the baby, she studied holistic and spiritual approaches to fertility and conception."

We must understand the relationship between mental health and physical health, especially before and during pregnancy. Embrace Empowered for Pregnancy's program and Vesna's innovative and effective approaches to the pre and post-pregnancy period.

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