6 Great Reasons To Get Champion System USA’s New Custom Triathlon Suit For Women

Oct 26, 2021

Looking for a women’s tri suit that’s comfortable, breathable, and doesn’t absorb water? Then you need to try the new triathlon apparel from Champion System USA, developed using state-of-the-art fabric for the ultimate sportswear!

Finding a custom triathlon suit for women that fits well and is comfortable even when wet can seem impossible—but no more! Champion System USA has developed an innovative hydrophobic fabric that ensures your optimum performance!

The new triathlon apparel from the company is customizable and ideal for both amateur and professional triathletes searching for unique sportswear to run, swim and cycle in.

The latest tri suits from Champion System USA have been developed for women and are available in sizes XS up to XXXL. They are made of the company’s trademarked CS Swift fabric, a material specially designed to be breathable, fast-drying, and hydrophobic, making it extremely water-resistant, with a low water absorbency rate.

Available in a variety of pre-dyed colors, including black, white, navy, green, blue, red, and grey, tri suits from the company are available as part of both the Apex Collection and the Performance Collection, which offer options that can cater to your unique needs. All tri suits are made using flatlock stitching, which is chosen for additional comfort and to reduce drag.

Champion System’s newly redesigned Apex Women’s Tri Suit has been improved with a clever chamois panel of CS Hydrodry fabric, which offers triathletes higher compression and a rapid dry feature, as well as SPF 30 protection. The legs of the tri suit are also embedded with single-piece silicone grippers, to keep them in place while running, swimming, or cycling. You can also opt for a shorter leg length or customize further for a fee.

Similarly, the Performance Tri Swimsuit has been created to provide the ideal fit, compression, and performance features that the company is known for, offering you comfort and the option to customize further. The retailer also offers the CS-Direct service via their website, where you can set up an account for your team to order and pay for their own sportswear in team colors and designs. Triathlon suits are usually produced and delivered within 5 weeks of purchase.

With the latest announcement, Champion System USA continues to invest in offering triathlon suits and sportswear for new and professional athletes worldwide. Developed using state-of-the-art materials that are designed to enhance comfort and performance across the board, the company’s trademarked fabrics are an innovation in sports apparel. These fast-drying and water-resistant suits can meet the changing needs of triathletes as they run, swim, and cycle.

Champion System USA is the sportswear apparel company trusted by Olympians worldwide. For the ultimate in comfort and performance, get the leading women’s tri suits in USA and choose the Champion System brand every time!

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