50% Discount On Insurance Plan For Safe Drivers & Low Mileage Now Available From State Farm

Nov 10, 2016

If you’re a safe driver or you don’t drive many miles you can save up to 50% off your insurance premiums with State Farm’s new Drive Safe & Save™ Mobile program. Contact State Farm® agent Steve Sipes on 832-619-1397 to find out how.

Houston State Farm® Insurance Agent, Steve Sipes, has been working hard to help customers save money on their auto insurance! With auto insurance premiums rising due to an increased number of traffic accidents and fatalities, motorists with great driving records and no claims history are looking for ways to save. Houston, TX Insurance Agent, Steve Sipes, has been informing his customers about State Farm's Drive Safe and Save program that rewards drivers with good driving habits and low mileage. Good driving characteristics can save a driver up to 50% on their insurance premiums.

More information is available at http://sipesinsures.com.

Gas prices may be down this summer but driver insurance rates across the USA have gone up an average of 5% to 10% putting pressure on household budgets. In California driver insurance rates have risen 7 percent. In Florida insurance rates have gone up by 10%, and in Georgia, rates have risen by 25%. With the combination of low gas prices summer vacations and holiday travel arriving there are more people on the road resulting in more car accidents, but that factor alone doesn't account for the rising number of deaths and injuries and the rapidly rising driver insurance rates. Every year over 3,000 people are killed and over 400,000 people are injured in motor vehicle accidents involving people who are distracted by texting or using their mobile phones or devices. US government data revealed a 10.4% increase in the number of road fatalities in 2016 compared to 2015 and experts attribute most of that rise to distracted driving.

Responsible drivers who would never text and drive or do anything else irresponsible while driving are paying higher insurance premiums due to the rising number of irresponsible and poor drivers. People who drive very little with low mileage are also disadvantaged by high premiums even though their chances of being in an accident are much lower.

To help these drivers State Farm® has just launched a new Drive Safe & Save™ mobile app which can be downloaded free to any smartphone. The mobile app uses local mobile beacons to collect basic driving characteristics and mileage of a particular driver. The safer a driver is and the less mileage they do the more money they can save on their insurance. Drive Safe & Save™ users immediately receive an initial discount of 5% off their insurance and a further discount of up to 50% at renewal time based on their driving experience for the previous six months.

Steve Sipes State Farm Insurance Agent says, “Our customers are always looking for ways to save on their insurance and take control of their premiums. Drive Safe and Save™ is a great way for State Farm customers to get the discounts they deserve for their good driving habits.”

State Farm® insurance customer Julian Cerda says, “My agent, Steve Sipes, helped me get Drive Safe and Save installed on both my cars getting me an immediate discount. Then when my policy renewed we saved over $200 because we don’t drive a lot and we try to drive carefully.”

For more details about the new Drive Safe & Save™ Mobile program and premium discounts and how to install the free app contact State Farm® agent Steve Sipes on 832-619-1397 or through this website: http://sipesinsures.com.

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