“3 Steps To Influence Purchasing Decisions” by Business Coach Joshua Ramsey

Feb 4, 2022

Joshua Ramsey, Marketing Consultant and Business Coach, explains in a new report how businesses can avoid the ‘platitude trap’ and develop authentic, convincing marketing messages.

Are you using the cliches as your competitors? Learn how to be authentic and generate more business!

Joshua Ramsey, Marketing Consultant and Business Coach, has launched a new report entitled ‘3 Factors That Influence Purchasing Decisions’.

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The recently released report provides advice on how you can avoid the ‘platitude trap’ and explains why appointing a Marketing Strategist could be a cost-effective solution for your business.

The use of platitudes, or overused cliché statements, can be a common feature of many business websites and sales pitches. According to the Harvard Business Review, the global pandemic and issues of racial inequality have seen consumers focus on authenticity more than ever.

In the new report, Joshua Ramsey reveals that avoiding the ‘platitude trap’ is not difficult, and he describes 3 steps that you can take to deliver an authentic and convincing message.

To begin with, the report explains that you must understand the advantages of owning what you sell. While this might sound obvious, the new report continues that 77% of business owners don’t really understand, at the deepest level, what the advantages-of-ownership for their products or services are.

Once you have established what those advantages are, Joshua explains that the next step is to overcome objections.

As the new report suggests, many businesses are not good at delivering a clear and concise message about what is being sold. Joshua states that this important step in the sales process, when done well, can present your business as the solution holder. He goes on to explain that this is a key reason to consider hiring a Business Coach.

Finally, the new report reveals that you should avoid saying what everyone else says, and endeavor to explain what makes your business different.

As a skilled Marketing Consultant, Joshua Ramsey provides companies with an opportunity to hire an executive-level Marketing Specialist without the high salary of a full-time appointment. Joshua strives to develop self-sustaining marketing strategies that generate the greatest number of leads in the most cost-effective manner.

Joshua Ramsey states: “The logic is simple. I believe that if we tell people what they need to do to be successful and they trust us with their marketing, we will complete that action and the clients’ business will reap the rewards.”

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