100 Top Tips for Taking better Photos from London Photography School

Dec 5, 2016

Learn how to take better photos with this practical guide from photography tutors at 36exp Photography School in London.

A photography school in London has released its top 100 list of photography tips to help aspiring photographers take better photos.

The mammoth guide has been published as a blog post on the website of the 36exp Photography School, a company which runs photography courses and workshops in London. The article features the school’s top 100 tips for shooting better pictures.

Simply titled 100 Photography Tips, the extensive list features tips for all levels of photographers from beginner to advanced. The diverse range of subjects covered in the guide include the basics of composition and exposure control, as well as tips on wedding, street, night and portrait photography.

Written by professional photographer and 36exp director Andrew Mason in collaboration with other course tutors, the guide covers many techniques taught to students on the company’s London photography courses.

Andrew Mason commented: “We wanted to produce an easy to read list of concise tips which cover the essentials of quality photography, as well as some more advanced techniques used by professionals. We hope this guide will inspire people to get out and practice more with their cameras to create even better pictures.”

The long guide is packed with technical advice and creative techniques photographers can use to produce stylish, quality photos. These include the use of shutter speed to freeze or blur action; as well as tips on effective use of aperture when taking photos of people.

The 36exp Photographers’ School was established in early 2011 to enable photographers of all levels to achieve their goals. The company features a small group of professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic photographers who create and deliver photography courses and workshops for photographers in London.

36exp also works with a number of additional photographers who are specialists in their field and selected because they have vast amounts of knowledge and experience to share.

The company’s photography courses run all year round in London and on location in other parts of the United Kingdom. Upcoming workshops include night photography, landscape photography and wedding photography, as well as courses covering specific techniques such as working with off-camera flash and long exposures.

Discover more great tips and information about photography courses on the 36exp Photography website at https://www.36exp.co.uk

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