#1 Dental Implant Dentist In Plano: Get Single Missing Tooth Replacement

Jan 24, 2023

No matter how you lost your teeth, dental implants are a permanent teeth replacement option. Millennium Smiles (469-200-8123) can help you get your complete set of teeth back. The practice serves patients in Plano, Texas, and nearby areas.

#1 Dental Implant Dentist In Plano: Get Single Missing Tooth Replacement

You no longer have to feel ashamed of your missing tooth problem. With dental implants from this practice, you’ll receive replacement teeth that look, feel, and work like your natural teeth.

The dentists at Millennium Smiles can replace a single missing tooth, multiple teeth, and the entire teeth arch for the upper and lower jaws. Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants are fixed in place to your jawbone.

Check them out at https://millenniumsmiles.com/service/dental-implants

Implanting the prosthetic teeth in the jawbone eliminates the many concerns most patients have about dentures and helps prevent gum diseases, dental shifting, speech impediments, and other missing teeth-related dental issues.

Millennium Smiles uses titanium implants and prosthetic teeth made from porcelain or ceramic, two materials that can be crafted to mimic the natural color, look, and feel of your teeth.

While dental implants have over 90% success rates and are considered the new gold standard for tooth replacement, they may not be suitable for everyone.

As such, the dentists at Millennium Smiles use intraoral imaging and other diagnostic processes to evaluate your jawbones and gum tissues to determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

If you have hard-to-remove stains or cracked teeth, the practice’s porcelain veneers offer a straightforward way to hide these blemishes.

Veneers are ultra-thin dental sheaths customized to reflect your personal preferences, including shape, size, and color. They are made from porcelain and are typically cemented to the front surfaces of your teeth.

Both dental implants and veneers are durable; lasting up to 30 and 15 years, respectively. Millennium Smiles explained that these prosthetic teeth do not require any unique maintenance besides your normal oral hygiene routines.

Along with the treatments above, the practice offers a suite of other dental solutions, including emergency dentistry, periodontal treatment, teeth whitening, and orthodontics. They treat patients of all ages, including kids, teenagers, and adults.

A spokesperson said, "At Millennium Smiles, we treat each step in the dental implant process with the highest level of skill and precision. Our dental implants look great, feel like natural teeth, and last a lifetime. Book an appointment for a consultation with our dental professionals today."

Missing a tooth or several teeth? No worries as this practice now offers flexible replacement options to help you get your complete smile back.

Call 469-200-8123 to schedule a free consultation or visit https://millenniumsmiles.com/service/dental-implants to learn more.

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