Zoloft Withdrawal: Alternative to Meds Center’s Proprietary Holistic Approach

Jun 4, 2020

About Alternative To Meds Center: ATMC is a licensed, 18-bed, residential integrative behavioral health facility specializing in treating mental health, psychiatric medication tapering, and dual diagnosis located in a retreat-like setting in Sedona, Arizona. Founded in 2006, ATMC specializes in helping people remove the toxicity and dependency from prescription medication using orthomolecular medicine and holistic psychiatry, and determining the root cause of mental illness and dual diagnosis through around-the-clock, supervised, medication withdrawal in a relaxed, loving and safe environment. Through lab testing and other assessments, the Center identifies addictive biochemistry and other root causes for drug dependency and specializes in integrative mental health, addiction treatment, antipsychotic withdrawal, antidepressant withdrawal, and benzodiazepine withdrawal. Individualized treatment is tailor-designed for each client to remove toxins, rebalance body and brain chemistry, and create a new pathway toward natural well-being.

Human beings are wonderfully complex and beautiful creatures, with as many reasons to rely on a drug like Zoloft, as the number of reasons that could lead one to decide on Zoloft withdrawal. But stopping Zoloft, especially if one has practically grown up on it, or has taken the drug for an extended period, can be an incredibly scary thought.

Assessing the Benefit to Risk Ratio

Some may find that Zoloft reduces the frequency of panic attacks, a source of great relief. That is until other side effects like sexual dysfunction, weight gain, or others begin to blur the rosy picture. For others, such medication can quell debilitating levels of daytime anxiety, only to find that their sleep has become restless and even plagued by nightmares. Many feel permanently stuck in a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” situation.

However, suddenly stopping Zoloft is problematic*, where all one’s earlier symptoms may furiously erupt, along with intense Zoloft withdrawals. That is one devilish scenario to avoid at all costs. Zoloft may have helped in some profound ways, but perhaps was found to be an imperfect solution. The two main drivers of continuing Zoloft despite some pretty uncomfortable side effects are:

1. the fear of returning symptoms, and

2. the fear of withdrawal symptoms.

At the Alternative to Meds Center, Zoloft tapering protocols are provided that can overcome these challenges, which is why the center’s documented success rates are so high.

Overcoming Zoloft Withdrawal Symptoms With Zoloft Alternatives

The Center is intimately aware and familiar with the difficulties of withdrawal from SSRIs. And designs individualized programs making it surprisingly gentle and easy to tolerate. One exciting part of the program is the proprietary use of Zoloft alternatives (natural substances), instead of piling on more medications. This softens the jolts and harsh changes that commonly occur during Zoloft withdrawal. And concurrent soothing, restorative therapies can lessen and even prevent earlier symptoms from returning. Zoloft alternatives can significantly neutralize intense Zoloft withdrawal symptoms during the delicate transition to being drug-free, and symptom-free.

Finding the Root Cause for Original Symptoms – Possible?

Yes. At the Alternative to Meds Center finding the root causes for symptoms is regarded as equally important, if not more so, than other aspects of Zoloft withdrawal. There is, after all, nothing humane about stopping a medication but then not preventing the original symptoms from returning once again to overwhelm the person. Think of making a person walk on a broken foot by simply numbing the pain with more drugs and never stopping to re-set the bone; the result could be not just disappointing but deeply injurious.

Handling Biophysical Root Causes

In order to achieve authentic, lasting improvements, one must investigate and look thoroughly for the underlying reasons for one’s symptoms. Sometimes this might be a biophysical reason, or even a number of these. Who would have guessed that toxic exposures and accumulations (such as mercury or toxins) can cause reactions that mimic certain mental illnesses? Purging these toxic accumulations can result in remarkable and life-changing results for the better. Clients often report a brightened mood, a more stable tone, more energy, more restful sleep, and many other positive changes after a deep, thorough cleansing of pockets of accumulated poisons from the body. Testing before and after ensures that these neurotoxins are eliminated, an essential element of the process.

Also, certain disproportionate levels and/or deficits of nutrients, as well as food allergies, can trigger symptoms like panic attacks, insomnia, even intense depression, mood swings, and suicidality. These and other types of biophysical factors are areas to thoroughly and exhaustively investigate. Then the next steps are to actually repair what is found with appropriate Zoloft alternatives and other proven holistic treatments.

The programs are founded on these principles. The overall aim is to assist clients to achieve not only safe and gentle Zoloft tapering but to do so without the dreaded return of the original symptoms, the ones that led to taking a drug in the first place. Natural Zoloft alternatives eliminate the liability of drug side effects that may have troubled someone who took an SSRI for extended periods.

Handling Psycho-Social Root Causes for Depression, Anxiety, Emotional Turmoil

As noted earlier, human beings are wonderfully complex and beautiful creatures. Certainly, there are non-physical factors that can also culminate in a fractured soul, a broken spirit, a chronic emotional wound. Simply drugging these may provide temporary, even necessary relief, especially when these are profoundly debilitating states. But drugs were never designed to assist in raising a person’s ability to overcome these emotional injuries and rise to the challenges that life can present. There are many genres of counseling, however, that are so designed, and do provide this kind of healing, empowering resource.

Specialized counseling methods are delivered at the center in private sessions with trained, licensed practitioners in many talk therapy genres. These can give a person first the confidence to begin to open up and explore such areas of distress or concern and work on gaining a better understanding of themselves, developing better life strategies, and perhaps increased compassion for both self and others by doing so.

Peer group support sessions are also popular. Few things could be considered so valuable as the gentle but profound camaraderie found with others who truly understand what one is going through from personal experience. There is a world of healing possible when done in a safe and authentically caring atmosphere. The Alternative to Meds Center aims to provide that for each client, an aspect that makes these programs so cherished and appreciated.

How to Find Out More About the Alternative to Meds Center

If you or a loved one have been looking for an alternative Zoloft withdrawal program, or a gentle Zoloft tapering regimen without the worry of returning symptoms, or excruciating withdrawals, please contact the center for more information.

*Please do not consider stopping any medications including Zoloft without the supervision of a licensed medical professional. Always consult your doctor with regards to medication changes and medication management.

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