XellerateIT Emerges as Technology Consulting Leader in Indianapolis

Jul 13, 2017

XellerateIT has announced its growing managed services offering for Indianapolis, set to go live this month. Contact XellerateIT to see what they can do to grow and secure your business.

Ahead of the launch of its new technology consulting service, XellerateIT has announced its growing managed services offering for the Indianapolis market, set to go live this month, which is intriguing to business clients and technology consumers in the IT space.

Three items included in the offering:

1) The idea for creating the technology consulting services came about after the company had to re-imagine the ideal way to serve business clients' IT needs.

2) The technology consulting service had actually been in development for two years and had over 100 team members working on it, which is considered significant by industry standards. This goes to show that great things can be achieved by a dedicated team of IT professionals.

3) There was a fair amount of uncertainty about how ready the business community would be in moving to the cloud. XellerateIT erased client fears by creating a seamless transition for companies to put their IT needs in the hands of skilled professionals as they crafted the perfect customized solutions to suit their needs.

XellerateIT has done something different compared to other businesses in the technology space, by offering both on-site as well as remote managed services in facilitating the deployment of new products and services to businesses ranging in size from small business, medium-large, and enterprise.

The technology consulting service will be released as part of XellerateIT's greater plans to optimize results for their business clients and create future-proof technology. Typical deployment time for most cloud services is 30-60 days depending on the scale and complexity. XelelrateIT adopted a methodology which incorporates five stages of the technology life cycle: 1) Evaluate, 2) Plan, 3) Build, 4) Manage, 5) Evolve, all in an electronic workflow process.

XellerateIT got it's start when Founder Shane Dugger noticed a growing need for migrating companies to the cloud. With 30 years of combined technology leadership experience in the technology space, Shane Dugger and the executive leadership team decided to go ahead and execute that methodology in 2015.

Shane Dugger is quoted saying: "Do leaders who build great companies think differently about technology? At XellerateIT, we believe in empowering energy and passion to build a client-centric culture, vision and mission that is second to none. We are committed to service excellence as measured by our clients satisfaction and loyalty to XellerateIT.

We believe that organizations which invest wisely in technology, as a general rule, increase their operational maturity faster than their competitors. Advanced and core technologies allow clients to innovate and develop unique and efficient business processes. The nucleus of the "X" axis (people & process) enable clients to be truly transformational in their industries leveraging next generation technologies to achieve operational excellence.

In a world filled with ordinary people, what makes one extraordinary is one's willingness to work hard, work smart and make big sacrifices continuously in everything we do."

XellerateIT's technology consulting service re-launched this month. To find out more about XellerateIT and see what they can do to grow and secure client business, visit http://xellerateit.com

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