Write A Bestselling Kid’s Book! Writing Prompts & Research Tips For Amateurs

May 3, 2022

J.J. Fast Publishing helps you write a bestselling children’s book in less than 2 days. We teach you easy steps to create your first draft so that you can earn thousands of dollars on Amazon! Learn more at

Write A Bestselling Kid’s Book! Writing Prompts & Research Tips For AmateursAre you thinking of writing your own children’s book but don’t know how? Don’t worry! The process is not as difficult as you can think – and we debunk all the myths in our new exclusive eBook! Many people want to learn how to write a children’s book, but often do not know how to get started. Aware of this, we recently released an informative guide on how to create an ebook manuscript in less than 2 days. The goal is to remove the misconception that only “trained writers” can write and publish a book. With our new guide, everyone is invited to try their hand at creating their first draft of a children’s book. After all, ANYONE can write – you just need the confidence to get started! So, here’s the most important step: research. You need to know what your book is about! Sounds simple, right? But you’d be surprised at how many people forget this step or take it seriously! The best way to research is to look at trending books on Amazon or Kindle. This is especially important for first-time authors. Now, we’re not saying you should go on and plagiarize other works! No way! But, we encourage you to look at what is popular right now, in terms of themes and characters. Typically, children’s books have an animal main character and focus on everyday lessons such as how to brush one’s teeth or how to greet another person. You should build on this, using your own “secret sauce” to create a completely new character and storyline! Research should take up 75% of your time – this process should not be rushed, as this will form the foundation for future books, if ever. The secret to success is to pattern your manuscript to create a series of bestselling children’s books. Children typically want to continue a story and would want to buy more books of a successful series. Only after you decide on a plot can you then focus on illustrations. Children are mostly visual learners and want to read books that have bright and colorful illustrations. It might be best to partner with a professional illustrator for this part. Want to learn more? We have a whole chockful of easy tips you can do today to publish your children’s books on Amazon. Grab a copy of our eBook today to learn more fast, easy, and reliable tips! Go to the link in the description so you can learn more.

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