Get This Free Writing Guide To Find How To Self-Publish Profitable Kid Ebooks

May 20, 2022

Learn how to quickly and easily create profitable best-selling books for young readers in this free guide from popular author Jay Boyer, and J.J. Fast Publishing.

Get This Free Writing Guide To Find How To Self-Publish Profitable Kid Ebooks

After spending many years writing books from home, I found that no matter how hard I tried to ignore them, I was still being distracted constantly by things happening outside my house.

Finally, I found what I thought was the perfect solution, and moved to a new suburb dedicated entirely to authors and their families.

Too late, I realized that now I'm constantly in a writer's block.

Best-selling author Jay Boyer has created a new guide on the process of writing and publishing books for children or toddlers. The guide covers every step from finding inspiration for a topic to how you can generate a profit from selling your books on Amazon.

Visit to download the full 52-page guide.

The free guide takes you step by step through a proven method for publishing an entire book within 48 hours, and strategies that can increase your online sales. You can learn how your books can be self-published as Kindle e-books, and find out more about the requirements for having them professionally printed.

Writing children’s books has become more popular with authors recently, as the process has become easier with digital formats, and they often generate royalties for years. You can find detailed information in the guide about what makes a children’s or toddler’s book a best-seller, and the most profitable methods of publishing.

One of the most important steps in writing a children’s book is the research that has to be done beforehand. New authors are advised to carefully examine a variety of topics before they begin to write, including what is trending in the newest children’s books, and what topics past best-sellers of their chosen genre may have in common.

The guide includes suggestions for how long a story should be based on the intended audience. While baby books are considered complete with anywhere from 0 to 200 words, a children’s chapter book may contain anywhere between 1,000 and 50,000 words, depending on what age range it is written for.

If you are looking to have your book professionally printed, you will find detailed information about the steps required, including software suggestions to convert the original manuscript into a printable PDF. You will also learn about common issues that you need to address before printing, such as trimming, page bleed, and print size.

Popular strategies for illustrations are also discussed, including how you can create them yourself, as well as several methods for finding and hiring a professional illustrator. The complete 52-page report is available to download absolutely free.

Writing a best-selling book for kids is child's play, once you know what you're doing. Get all the information you need to start publishing profitable books, from an expert who's done it all before.

Visit to download the free guide right now.

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