Work With Dan Bilzerian and Ignite By Becoming An Affiliate Of This Program

Apr 14, 2024

Looking to make money from your following by becoming an affiliate marketer? Then join Playboy published model Cassidy Brown and the Ignite VIP team and help promote its CBD oil products.

Dan Bilzerian has launched his new program called Ignite VIP. The program is designed for Instagram influencers and affiliate marketers to promote the company's products.

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The newly launched program and products are promoted by Playboy published model Cassidy Brown. The popular Instagram influencer has over 59,000 followers and is one of Ignite VIP's biggest advocates. Cassidy and her team have partnered with veteran affiliate marketers, Instagram growth experts, OnlyFans creators, and others to create their own specialized tools and training for the launch of Dan Bilzerian's affiliate program.

The featured products promoted under the Ignite brand are CBD, CBN, and CBG. One of the products, CBG Engage is an energy-giving serum that contains 540mg of CBX Spectrum Cannabinoids, Green Coffee Bean Extract, B12, and Niacin.

CBG Engage comes with a zesty cool mint flavor, and it promises to make its consumers "rule the day with unprecedented focus and energy while maintaining a state of calmness, creativity, and performance".

Another featured product, CBN Escape, is a natural and legal euphoria blend, ideal for those into nightlife of partying. As well as those who need help letting down and getting to sleep faster at the end of the day. It contains the most powerful, all-natural, plant-based, extra strength, experience-enhancing, mood-boosting hemp extract in the world.

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Ignite is a publicly held company based in Los Angeles, CA. The inspiration for the Ignite program came from founder Dan Bilzerian and a team of highly qualified executives.

The team envisioned a company that combined the power of social influence with innovative products and experiences. Given Cassidy Brown’s major influence in the Playboy and Instagram world, she was perfect for promoting the company's products, which generally target both men and women.

Ignite VIP's affiliate program is currently open to influencers, business owners, dispensaries, athletes, and anyone who wants to work with Ignite.

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