Women’s Mental Health Podcast: Anti-Stress Tips For Success & Happiness

Jul 26, 2023

Say goodbye to stress with the latest episode of the ‘Finding Your Spark Again’ podcast by Donnalynn Riley. America’s favorite joy coach is on a mission to transform the lives of women across the country.

If stress is the first thing you feel when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you feel when you go to bed at night, you need to start listening to ‘Finding Your Spark Again’ by Donnalynn Riley.

The newest episode of Donnalynn Riley's podcast is called ‘Stress Less, Achieve More, Live Happy’ and it takes a look at modern hustle and achievement culture through a wellbeing lens. In conversation with Aimee Bernstein, an executive, life coach and published author, Donnalynn Riley teaches you how you can take a step back from this pervasive culture to find more joy and ease in your daily life.

Go to http://findingyoursparkagain.com/ to find out more.

In her work as a joy advocate and women’s wellness podcaster, Donnalynn Riley has seen that the stress levels of women—particularly women in their mid-career and working moms—continue to rise every year, to the point where the World Health Organization dubbed stress the health epidemic of the 21st century.

It is Donnalynn Riley’s belief that if you are experiencing high levels of stress, there is no way you can also be finding and nurturing joy in your daily life. That’s why, in ‘Stress Less, Achieve More, Live Happy’ with Aimee Bernstein, she focuses on giving you actionable tips and tools you can employ to de-stress your life and create a roadmap for more joy.

As Aimee Bernstein and Donnalynn Riley explain, in addition to being bad for your body—stress has now been proven to cause and contribute to conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease—it is also bad for your mind and soul. As such, high levels of stress can also prohibit you from achieving success.

Alternately, as the newest episode of ‘Finding Your Spark Again’ teaches you, when you step back from hustle culture and try to find more fun in your life, you are more likely to improve your wellbeing and find your spark or your inner light; that which will guide you towards success on your own terms.

Donnalynn Riley is a well-known American life and joy coach who specializes in body, mind and spirit alignment and emotional growth.

Donnalynn Riley said of her latest podcast episode, “In a world that often glorifies the hustle and emphasizes the importance of constant achievement, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that more stress and relentless work will lead to greater success. But what if I told you that there is another way? By shifting our perspective and prioritizing our well-being, we can unlock a new path to success—one that is rooted in balance, fulfillment, and personal growth.”

If you’re ready to live a happier, more meaningful and genuinely more successful life, you should put ‘Finding Your Spark Again’ on your podcast rotation.

Visit http://findingyoursparkagain.com/ to see what else you can discover from America’s most uplifting podcast.

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