Women Who Lift, Mississauga exercise boutique classes expanding

Aug 5, 2021

Women Who Lift, an Ontario-based workout and bootcamp program expanding into Oakville

Mississauga Ontario --

Women Who Lift, a successful Ontario-based workout and bootcamp program, is excited to resume its training activities as the pandemic tapers down and more and more Ontarians receive their first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The pandemic has been particularly hard on gyms and their members, as most training facilities were forced to close their doors due to the mandatory lockdown orders issued by the Ontario government.

While the mandatory lockdown practically eliminated any in-person training and facility use, it inspired many trainers to adapt to online classes via Zoom and Skype, as many industries have.

Women Who Lift (WWL) empowers women to lift weights, and with the pandemic tapering down, they are excited to help a new wave of women get back into their fitness routines and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

"The pandemic has forced many people to remain in their homes, and unfortunately, we have seen a decline in physical activity as gyms and workout facilities across the country have been forced to close their doors. Now that life is slowly resuming back to normal, we want to reach out to all of the women who have placed their personal fitness goals on the back burner this last year," says a spokesperson from Women Who Lift.

Women Who Lift's mission is to encourage women to lift weights while building an active and healthy lifestyle, plain and simple. They understand society has stigmatized weightlifting for women and want to empower women to build healthy muscle while also looking and feeling great.

WWL started in the early days as a group training class, teaching women the weight training fundamentals. Now, they have evolved into an all-inclusive brand, including group training sessions, online personal training, and their line of products, ranging from training apparel to weight lifting essentials.

As businesses slowly roll out plans to reopen, WWL plans to revamp its services, offering more in-person training support and education for women, encouraging them to resume working out and get back into their pre-pandemic fitness routines.

WWL is also planning a bootcamp series designed to help new weightlifters achieve their fitness goals, educating them on lifting techniques, with a particular focus on form and tempo.

"We have high expectations for our new “Learn To Lift” bootcamp, as many women are now encouraged to resume working out and may have either been out of the lifting game for a while or are new to it entirely. We have seen success with this model in the past, and it is a great way to jumpstart our clients back into a healthy fitness and exercise routine".

With many businesses resuming activities post-lockdown, the demand for gym and personal training services is expected to rise. With demand surging in Mississauga, WWL plans to offer more fitness and workout programs to neighbouring cities such as Oakville, Ontario, and continue its mission of empowering women to feel healthy and confident.

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