With This St Petersburg Gym’s Personal Training You Can Work Through Physical Pain

Jul 29, 2020

Looking for a personal trainer who will assist you in getting back into your workout regime following an injury? Check out Burg CrossFit. They offer free consultations to help determine which program might be the best one for you!

If you’re experiencing lower back pain or have any workout-related injury then you’re probably in need of a physical trainer. Burg CrossFit has just the programs for you!

Burg CrossFit has announced the availability of its free 20-minute consultation service, which is conducted by one of the the gym’s head coaches.

Visit www.burgcrossfit.com for details!

The aim of the newly announced consultation is to inform you of how personal training could help eliminate your physical pains. Pains such as lower back pain, tight shoulders, and injuries from running are addressed.

Burg CrossFit specializes in making fitness fun again. As such, the gym’s free consultation service will help you get back to doing what you love most.

Every new member of the gym will receive a full movement assessment to understand their injuries and limitations. Following this assessment, the coach will create a highly individualized personal training program to help alleviate those issues as well as restore your confidence in working out. 

Burg CrossFit is really good at getting you out of pain, losing weight, and crushing your fitness goals. Along with catering for those who want to work through their pains, Burg CrossFit’s personal training program is also open to those who consider themselves to be in the beginner’s phase of woring out or would like to move to a more systematic workout routine.

Go to https://burgcrossfit.com/events/personal-training for more info!

Burg CrossFit focuses on your entire health while helping you create a sustainable way of moving throughout your life. They do this by helping you set goals, tackling your nutrition problems, and having you engage in physical movement.

The gym comes equipped with quality equipment, a healthy nutrition plan, three shower rooms, and over three unique membership options to suit each of your needs. 

You can click on the links above to find out more or visit https://burgcrossfit.uplaunch.com/join/4415 to sign up for a free consultation.

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