Wicklow Insulation Experts Help Homeowners Reduce Heating Costs With SEAI Grants

Heating costs are going through the roof this winter – and funnily enough, so is 25% of heat if your home isn’t properly insulated.

Wicklow Insulation Experts Help Homeowners Reduce Heating Costs With SEAI Grants

It's not often that the government will pay for insulating your home - but as it happens, now is one of those times! And with heating costs projected to increase by a third this winter, you'd better make the most of this opportunity.

Usher Insulations offers top-quality home insulation and full assistance to help you qualify for an SEAI grant.

The news comes as heating costs in Ireland have increased considerably following a recent announcement by Electric Ireland. As of October 1, electricity and residential gas prices have increased by 26.7% and 37.5%, respectively - making energy efficiency a key priority for homeowners this winter.

Usher Installation will assess your home insulation needs and recommend the most suitable solution. The company offers a variety of insulation products and services, including both external and internal wall insulation, roof, floor, and cavity wall insulation.

“Usher Insulations uses a combination of materials to completely seal property,” said a company spokesperson. “We combine membrane tapes and a range of adhesive glues to seal cracks and any gaps around pipes, wires, ventilation shafts, electrical fittings, and anywhere else that air is being allowed to flow freely. When the right materials are used, draughts within a building can be completely eliminated.”

And the best part is the government is probably going to pay for it!

Usher Insulations helps you qualify for SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) grants to cover the costs of energy-saving home improvements. Available programs include the Home Energy Saving Scheme (HES), the Warmer Homes Scheme (WHS), and the Better Energy Homes Scheme (BEHS).

The company explains that the HES provides funding for insulation, draught-proofing, heating controls, and renewable energy measures such as solar panels and heat pumps. The WHS offers a grant towards the cost of external wall insulation for houses built before 2006, and the BEHS provides grants for a range of energy-saving measures including attic, cavity wall, and solid wall insulation.

To apply for a grant, you'll need to provide evidence of your property's energy performance, such as an energy performance certificate (EPC) - and Usher Insulations can offer complete assistance and an official quote.

With the latest announcement, Usher Insulations continues to expand its services to meet the home insulation needs of commercial and residential clients in Dublin and the surrounding areas.

Get your home insulated before winter kicks in - go to https://www.usherinsulations.com/ to discover all available options!

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