Meath Energy Rating Assessment Service | Best Retrofit Air Tightness Check

Aug 21, 2022

Does your heating bill seem a little high? Usher Energy (01-8201921) has updated its property air tightening service that identifies the parts of your property where air may be escaping and making it more difficult to heat.

Meath Energy Rating Assessment Service | Best Retrofit Air Tightness Check

Did you know that the best construction workers can cut a piece of wood in half simply by looking at it? It's true, they saw it with their own eyes! Unfortunately, builders aren't always this impressive, which can result in houses that aren't sealed properly. This leads to air escaping and draughts forming in certain places.

Usher Insulations has updated its air tightening service which means that all of the common problem areas within a house can be completely sealed using a variety of different proprietary techniques. The service is available for both newly built properties and retrofits, ensuring that all homeowners can reduce annual heating bill costs.

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The first step of the process involves a comprehensive initial assessment of a client’s property being carried out so that the current air tightness level can be evaluated. Special attention is devoted to the common problem areas where the air is free flowing, which are essentially the places with the greatest potential to cause draughts and allow energy to escape. Some of the most common problem areas include doors, windows, floorboards, and rooms that require extraction due to high moisture levels. As such, it generally doesn't take the experts very long to locate the cause of the problem.

Air Tightness has become an important evaluation metric for the Irish Construction Sector. The phenomenon is generally measured using one of two measurements - air changes per hour (ACH) or air permeability. A building that has impeccable air tightness credentials will have a very low ACH or air permeability score, with the converse also holding true. The primary objectives of air tightness testing are to lower energy costs, safeguard against contaminants entering the home, and ensure the effective function of the ventilation systems. Considering all of the potential benefits, it makes a lot of sense to have your house checked.

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Usher Insulations uses a combination of specialised materials to ensure that a property is adequately sealed. The company combines membrane tapes with a range of adhesive glues to seal cracks and any gaps around pipes, wires, ventilation shafts, electrical fittings, and anywhere else that air is allowed to flow freely. The process of sealing windows and doors uses a bespoke sealant that is invisible and can be integrated without impacting the aesthetics of the building.

The company can collaborate with building companies during the initial design and construction phases to ensure that a property is optimised for air tightness. Certain homeowners may be eligible to receive government grants in order to partially or fully subsidise air tightness services. Anybody looking to enquire about receiving one of these grants can apply through Usher Insulations. There is no reason to be shy about enquiring - after all, that money is there to be taken.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Air Tightening is a service that offers so much value for money. Many of our previous customers have expressed their delight at how much they have been able to save."

People all over Ireland are wasting hundreds of euros each year. You might say this money is vanishing into thin air!

Air tightening a house is relatively straightforward for the experts, so be sure to contact Usher Insulations today and see how much you can save on the cost of your energy bill.

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