WI ESaaS Experts Reduce School & College Energy Costs With HVAC Efficiency

Feb 3, 2023

Through our Energy Savings as a Service program, your education facility can receive complete energy efficiency upgrades without risking any of your own capital. Onsite Utility Services Capital out of Delavan WI helps optimize your HVAC!

WI ESaaS Experts Reduce School & College Energy Costs With HVAC Efficiency

Did you know most school building HVAC systems waste money cooling the institution? As much as one out of every three dollars spent on energy costs will go to your HVAC's cooling function.

If you're in charge of your school or university budget, this presents a huge savings opportunity. And Onsite Utility Services Capital can help.

Since 1993, Onsite Utility Services Capital has been solving energy challenges for companies, facilities and institutions with ESaaS - energy savings as a service with no upfront charges or debt.

See how they do it at https://onsiteutilityservices.com

Energy costs across the nation are on the rise. And if you're a CFO or facility manager in charge of school operations, you know your facilities bear an unnecessary cost burden when equipment is not running as it should.

Turnkey HVAC solutions provided by energy experts Onsite Utility Services Capital help schools and universities of all sizes anywhere in the country bring down their expenditures without investing in new equipment. And they can help you too!

As a nationwide ESaaS energy efficiency funding platform, Onsite Utility Services (OUS) Capital provides the resources businesses and organizations need to improve energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air purification, and to pursue renewable energy projects. The company brings together vendors, service providers, end users and capital resources that allow you to save on utility upgrades.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), energy costs are the second highest operating expense in schools and universities. A common energy offender is an outdated HVAC system. Considering your school is in operation at least 10 hours per day, if you have an outdated or inefficient HVAC system, it's consuming massive amounts of energy.

By implementing energy-saving strategies in partnership with Onsite Utility Services Capital, you can achieve a significant reduction in costs. You can then redirect these savings toward student services and personnel. Onsite Utility Services Capital helps you understand how your school's HVAC system functions, and how it can be optimized to save you money.

The process begins with an investigation into your HVAC chillers and chilled water pumps. Advanced chiller optimization is recognized as a proven and reliable way for school building managers to reduce operational costs. When motors, pumps, compressors and fans are all running efficiently, savings can amount to 10% - 40%. A properly maintained HVAC system will also extend the lifespan of the equipment.

An Onsite Utility Services Capital representative says, “If you’ve been putting off energy efficiency upgrades because you just don’t have the budget, Onsite Utility Services can help. Through our ESaaS program, your school or university facility can receive a full energy upgrade - both services and installations - without investing any of your own capital.”

Are you ready to save on your HVAC operations without spending on equipment? Learn more at https://onsiteutilityservices.com

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