Wholesale Septodont & J. Morita Bone Grafting Materials Offered By This Supplier

Apr 8, 2024

In the chaos of a busy dental practice you need products and equipment you can rely on and a supplier who you can trust. Get all of this and more from SurgiMac!

Need dental supplies for bone and soft tissue grafting? Want fast dispatch and support from a company that understands healthcare inside and out? For all your clinical needs, trust SurgiMac!

Enjoy high-quality accessories and clinical equipment with prompt delivery and the highest levels of customer care. From bone foundation materials and wound dressings to syringe injector tools, SurgiMac provides the tools to help you deliver better patient outcomes.

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The range features products from leading brands such as J. Morita, Integra Lifesciences, Septodont, and Meta Biomed. With bases in both New York and Utah, SurgiMac offers you timely solutions to acquiring essential supplies with same-day dispatch available for urgent orders.

Your dental restorations are made easier with J. Morita's Collagen-based Filling Foundation Material. This is available from the SurgiMac web store in packs of ten for just $450. The capsules are filled with the brand's innovative formula for bone augmentation procedures. This product not only provides structural support but also stimulates regrowth and is ideal for implants, bridges, and dentures. The material can be trimmed as desired to meet the needs of your patients.

Also available from SurgiMac is Septodont's Biphasic Bone Grafting Material. This is designed to reconstruct areas of bone erosion and gaps in maxillofacial applications. The material's micro and macroporous structure is specially designed to mimic human bone. You'll find this product useful for post-extraction treatments, ridge augmentations, sinus lifts, and cystic cavity fillings.

If you're looking for bone grafting tools and instruments, SurgiMac's own-brand range features a high-quality Bone Graft Syringe Injector. With a sleek and ergonomic design, the product is designed to give you greater control and accuracy when delivering bone graft injections. The injector helps maintain a consistent flow rate of materials to ensure optimal outcomes for complex procedures.

All SurgiMac tools are built using robust and durable materials to be able to withstand many years of use. You can get the injector tool for only $49.99 via the web store.

A spokesperson says, “SurgiMac is an environmentally responsible medical and dental products manufacturer and national distributor dedicated to providing top-tier products at an unprecedented value. Our New York (HQ) and Utah-based offices are rooted in long-standing relationships with healthcare professionals that have yielded innovative, high-precision devices, essential to the modern market.”

For more info, go to https://surgimac.com/

Deliver better dentistry by choosing SurgiMac dental supplies for your practice today!

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