Whole Life Insurance for Tax-Free Growth: Build Generational Wealth with IBC

Dec 29, 2022

Take control of your finances and achieve financial security with whole life insurance and the infinite banking concept. Check out I Own My Bank’s webinar today!

Whole Life Insurance for Tax-Free Growth: Build Generational Wealth with IBC

Why save in a traditional 401(k) or keep your savings in the bank if you can get dividends and earn more interest with whole life insurance?

I Own My Bank's webinar gives detailed information about how you can achieve financial freedom using a 200-year-old strategy that the world’s wealthiest families, like the Morgans and Rockefellers, have been using to create generational wealth.

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The money multiplier method allows you to make large purchases, like buying a car or a home, tax-free. Based on Nelson Nash’s bestselling book Becoming Your Own Banker, the webinar shows how whole life insurance policies can be used as dividend-paying assets that produce tax-free distributions for you.

If you are saving up for retirement, you can be sidetracked by issues like global political and economic upsets. I Own My Bank encourages you to seek alternative ways to grow your wealth and diversify your income sources, so you are better protected from economic distress.

With the infinite banking concept, you can harness the power of a properly structured whole life insurance policy that allows you to earn liquid cash that can be used for major expenses like education, homeownership, and medical emergencies.

I Own My Bank explains that this is better than traditional banks because it can be used to create generational wealth. The capital grows tax-free, enjoys several layers of financial protection, and compounds continuously as long as the account is kept active. The account can also be passed on to the next generation without them needing to pay inheritance tax.

The webinar focuses on changing the way you think about money to allow for financial growth!

According to I Own My Bank, you must borrow against the existing whole life insurance policy instead of withdrawing from it. This way, you do not remove assets from the pool that would otherwise have been accruing interest and paying out dividends. This requires you to think of borrowing and loans differently. Instead of seeing them as a burden, loans need to be viewed as a financial tool that allows you to live the life you want without touching your own money.

It's your money, so own it! Better yet, own your own bank, on your own terms, and fuel your own financial growth!

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