Where Did My Seafood Come From? Supply Chain Traceability Tool Has QR Tracking

Jan 14, 2022

iFoodIQ (623-440-1726) based in Scottsdale, AZ is a food intelligence tool that offers complete transparency of the supply chain. The traceability solution offers unique insights on the people who source the food.

Where Did My Seafood Come From? Supply Chain Traceability Tool Has QR Tracking

Quick: Do you know where your food came from? And no, we’re not talking about the restaurant where you’re eating it at. We mean, the farm where it was sourced, the body of water where it was fished? You need to know these things so that you can make smarter, more informed choices about what you eat.

Introducing, iFoodIQ: Your most extensive traceability solution for food.

The goal of our tool is to improve food intelligence, not only by detailing how a product moves through the supply chain but by learning about the people behind it. iFoodIQ tells the stories of the “little guys” who comprise the chain – from the organic farmer in California to the captain of a fishing vessel off the coast of Maine. 

Learn more at https://ifoodiq.com 

Our extensive traceability solution is particularly useful for seafood purchases. Now, more than ever, do you need to know about where your fish products come from and how it was sourced. 

Analysts have observed that the current worker shortage combined with a surge in consumer demand has sparked a rise in seafood prices. Several supply chain issues are implied, including questioning why fewer workers are engaged in the seafood industry. As demand for seafood rises, companies may be constrained to hire less knowledgeable employees to keep up.

Further, consumers are now more aware of antiquated and harmful fishing practices which leave trace material of toxic metals in the seafood. These materials, if ingested, can cause lasting damage to humans.

Experts note that for the supply chain to remain untangled, full transparency of each link should be accessible for all. This is where we come in.

Our tool shines a light on each link in the chain and provides valuable insight into every aspect. We endeavor to humanize the food industry with accurate and reliable food intelligence.

iFoodIQ is a division of Food Marketing Solutions which has been a leader in food branding in the United States for more than 20 years. The team behind Food Marketing Solutions partnered with several technology experts to create an informative food traceability platform: iFoodIQ.

As summed up by our company spokesperson, “Consumers recognize the importance of transparent food information. By using iFoodIQ, one has the means for traceability but also has the capacity to view the story behind the product – the individual labor and energy that goes into each product selection.”

We put a face behind the people who work hard to give you great food. Go to https://ifoodiq.com so you can learn more. 

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