When general contractors in Southern California need a difficult landscape construction project done, they turn to the father and son team at Siapin Horticulture

Apr 3, 2018

Often called the Go-To-Landscape Construction firm in Southern California, Siapin Horticulture continues to receive the choice contracts awarded by general contractors.

  • when general contractors in southern california need a difficult landscape const
  • when general contractors in southern california need a difficult landscape const
  • when general contractors in southern california need a difficult landscape const

Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) is a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. When they wanted a quality landscape project done at “& Other Stories" store living wall at the American at Brand shopping mall, they knew who to call.

& Other Stories is a boutique store that has everything from ready to wear to a variety of handbags, jewelry, swim suits, etc. Although they have stores across the country you can also shop online for many of the same products.

Siapin Horticulture is a 3rd generation landscape construction company located in Pico Rivera, CA and is well known for their quality work on construction projects. They’ve developed many of the landscape project you see around the Southern California area.

You may have seen some of their projects they did at AT&T, UCLA, & USC. They’re known for their expertise in landscaping rooftop projects, storm water damage projects and everything in between. When area general contractors need someone to construct a particularly difficult project, Siapin Horticulture is often the first number they call. If the team at Siapin is back logged, the general contractor will often delay their project.

One of the major problems facing Southern California is the water shortage. We seem to go in and out of water conservation due to the lack of rain we receive. That make landscape projects a little more difficult because the contractor must build the project to minimize the water needed to sustain it. Added to the lack of rain is that most of the water is owned and distributed by private companies.

With water in short supply, the fire danger rises. When there is too much dry brush around it doesn’t take much to have a major fire. In Southern California, we have more than our share.

If you find yourself in need of a quality landscape contractor, make the best call you can and call the team at Siapin Horticulture.

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