What’s The Best 2022 Cross-Chain Crypto Bridge? CelsiusX Offers ADA Wrapping

Mar 5, 2022

Cryptocurrency is the ascendancy on the world stage, representing new ways of earning and leveraging funds. CelsiusX is bridging the gap between traditional finance and decentralized trading. Get some insight into the future with CelsiusCow.com’s new report on cross-chain liquidity.

What's The Best 2022 Cross-Chain Crypto Bridge? CelsiusX Offers ADA Wrapping

Branch out with your blockchains this year courtesy of CelsiusX’s cross-chain liquidity platform. Check out the new report on why and how the Celsius Network is shaking up the world of crypto.

Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the financial world in many ways, offering new alternatives to traditional banking products. In light of this, CelsiusCow.com – a premium digital currency website – has released a new guide to the Celsius Network’s cross-chain liquidity bridge.

The latest launch from CelsiusCow.com, in association with The Digerati Premium, offers you an in-depth look at how the Celsius Network’s lending platform is offering you a way to use your crypto assets as collateral for financing. The report details the ease with which network members can earn a yield on their assets and source lending services all within the same financial eco-system.

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The article explores CelsiusX – the platform’s latest foray into bridging the gap between its centralized and decentralized financial services. The program seeks to widen the scope of opportunity for users through no-gas/no-fee services alongside free wrapping and bridging features.

CelsiusX creates a new infrastructure by facilitating the wrapping and bridging of wrapped Cardano (ADA), wrapped Dogecoin (DOGE), and wrapped Ether (ETH) into an ERC-20 standard. This enables you to use these assets on EVM-compatible blockchains. You’re now able to bridge your assets for use on Polygon.

All key actions such as minting are controlled by an oracle service. This sets CelsiusX apart from similar platforms that must rely on a trusted centralized third party. The platform favors on-chain transparency, minimizing trust assumptions through a verifiable process.

The CelsiusCow.com report goes on to explain the long-term goals of CelsiusX. With a system that locks assets in an externally-owned vault on Enzyme Finance, the platform cannot mint more coins than are available. After the launch of the CelsiusX bridge, the process of uniting the ecosystems of CeFi and DeFi will continue, moving towards true decentralization and self-sovereignty of your assets.

In the future, CelsiusX is likely to enable the wrapping of other altcoins besides ADA, DOGE, and ETH. Contenders include MATIC, DOT, AVAX, and SOL. While the platform currently operates on the Polygon blockchain, as a CelsiusX user, you will eventually harness the interconnection opportunities across other chains such as Avalanche and Arbitrum.

A spokesperson for CelsiusX says, “CelsiusX will further the mission of Celsius to give financial freedom and the spectrum of opportunity – from centralized yield to easy accessibility to DeFi protocols – for its users.”

With its latest guide to cross-chain liquidity, CelsiusCow.com continues to educate readers and make the complexities of the cryptocurrency sector more accessible to aspiring traders and miners everywhere.

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Learn about the benefits of the Celsius Network’s revolutionary CeFi and DeFi approach – if you want to know how – check out CelsiusCow.com!

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