What Should You Customize For Your Brewhouse Cellar Equipment

Jun 5, 2021

Customize your cellar equipment to optimize your brewhouse production. From fermentation tanks to dry-hopping methods — your cellar equipment should be customized for your brewing system and workflow needs.

Purchasing commercial brewing equipment, cellar equipment, and an automatic brewing system made from high-quality materials and by a manufacturer you can trust is necessary for your brewing business. Not only will a well-built brewhouse maintain consistency throughout your product, but it will also increase the efficiency and profitability of your brewery. 

Every tank, vessel, and piece of cellar equipment you buy will contribute to the end result. And if you want your end result to be a successful and profitable one — that cellar equipment should be a top priority. 

Cellar equipment, in particular, typically acts as the final vessel before packaging, kegging, or tasting — so cellar equipment, and the quality of it, is critical. Choosing Specific Mechanical Systems as your cellar equipment manufacturer relieves the burden of ensuring safe and controlled storage of your product.

The key to Specific Mechanical Systems cellar equipment is complete customization and the use of the highest quality, handmade materials. Every brewery can customize what types of fermentation tanks, CIP systems, and dry hopping equipment is important to them.

Fermentation Equipment That Fits In Any Brewhouse

Specific Mechanical Systems fermentation tanks are available in 5 BBL to 800 BBL — depending on the output of your brewhouse and the capacity of your cellar equipment storage. Each fermentation tank is further customized to the diameter and height of your individual location, and they can even be vertically stacked to take advantage of any ceiling height available. Further customization of fermentation tanks include spunding valves for natural carbonation, pressure relief valves, complete CIP, racking arms and standpipes, and individual cooling jacket placement.

Vertical and Horizontal Lagering Tanks

Similar to the fermentation tanks, bright beer and lagering tanks range in size from 5 BBL - 800 BBL. Depending on how and where your cellar equipment is stored, their bright tanks can both vertical or horizontal orientation and can stack to best fit your space. 

Thicker Insulation Used For Brewing Equipment Stored Outdoors

For any cellar equipment that will be stored outside — including fermentation tanks and bright tanks — Specific Mechanical Systems use thicker insulation as well as safety features to ensure the highest quality product. Bright tanks or lagering tanks that will be stored in a cold room can be built as a single-walled tank.

Customize Your Dry-Hopping Method

For dry hopping, Specific Mechanical Systems has multiple systems to choose from, each with the customization to perfectly pair with the rest of your cellar equipment. 

Hop Torpedo: If you have 5 BBL to 20 BBL fermenters as part of your cellar equipment, a Hop Torpedo might be the best choice. As a portable, pressurized vessel with a false bottom and pump to allow for dry hopping via wort recirculation, this dry hopping system is built for easy removal of hops and cleaning — so your cellar equipment can remain spotless.

Hop Jet: If you want to reduce any risk of oxygenation in your cellar equipment, a Hop Jet features a hopper, CO2 purge, blending pump, and recirculation plumbing to ensure a highly efficient hop utilization.

Hop Cone: A Hop Cone is a pressurized vessel with a removable perforated standpipe, top-mounted mixer and pump to allow for dry hopping via wort recirculation. It can be made portable on a cart so your cellar equipment is easy to maneuver.

Hop Cannon: For an automated system that stores your brewing recipes, a Hop Cannon is the option you want. This ensures consistency from operator to operator so your cellar equipment, and your end product, can remain unchanged. 

CIP Guarantee Sanitary Brewing System 

Yeast management equipment and CIP systems can also be customized — guaranteeing that all cellar equipment is designed with you and your brewery in mind. 

Specific Mechanical Systems knows that no two brewing systems are the same — so no two brewing systems should be created as such. 

No matter what your needs are, this Canada-based specialty brewing equipment manufacturer can deliver a brewhouse that not only works for you, but also makes your life as a brewery owner, brewery manager, or brewmaster a little bit easier. All custom cellar equipment is 100% handcrafted with the highest quality materials.

For more information on Specific Mechanical Systems and requesting a quote on cellar equipment for sale, call +1-250-652-2111.

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