What Estate Agents can do to help their customers, and make more money!

Dec 8, 2021

Helping to serve realtor’s clients in the USA, Ronald Hunt has reinvented his practice, to offer additional revenue sources to those in real estate, while helping protect their clients.

It’s been a record year for many of my realtor friends, and I’m so happy for you, and my home values!

What could happen if next year can be even better, even as the housing market starts to slow down? You’ve seen an end to the bidding wars, and the resulting increased and steady compensation.

To be honest, some of your customers overpaid, and stretched themselves thin to close the deal. For them to be repeat customers, I have an intriguing idea for you.

Become a Living Benefits Life Insurance agent part time. If you get the license, which is very similar, I will arrange to service your clients, should you choose to not do it yourself. You’ll get a nice piece of the commission, (Hint, it’s a higher percentage than you are used to.)

See more at LivingBenefitsLI.Now.Site

The explanation is altruistic. Your buyers need to have more protection to cover their obligations. Some of them are one health hiccup away from foreclosure, as so many of us are. Living Benefits (as a no cost rider) is standard with all our Term, Whole Life and IUL’s policies.

When their income declines, they can access a piece of their survivor benefit, just as their expenses are increasing.

BTW, this is with the fastest growing Life Insurance company in America.

You will be their hero, and lock in their repeat business forever. If the bank takes back the house, it might be a long time between real estate commissions from them.

There are 8 different ways to compensate you, and it would be an honor to demonstrate the model.

As part of Ronald Hunt’s ongoing effort to improve the brokerage services offered to your clients, the 1031 Gates Dr., Rotterdam, NY 12306-based real estate agent has introduced additional revenue streams for Realtors.

Ronald J Hunt’s Life Insurance Company is known for its Financial Security, Fastest Growing Life Insurance Company and Great Compensation Plan throughout the industry, with a history of serving its clients well.

Full details on the website: https://livingbenefitsli.now.site

Ronald Hunt spoke highly of the change in brokerage firms, saying We serve our clients, not sell them. Our core rule is Better Policies Delivered..

This new partnership will provide services for Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Brokers and Relatives of Realtors in particular, but all people who need better or increased Life Insurance are welcome.

All those with questions are invited to get in touch with Ronald Hunt via the website, https://livingbenefitsli.now.site.

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