Water Softener Company In Lehi, UT Installs Whole-House Filtration Systems

May 30, 2023

Guardian Water Softener (801-928-8565) combats chlorine and fights off stubborn mineral build-up. By installing extensive water treatment systems, they deliver clean and healthy water to Utah families.

If you live in Utah, you know the daily struggle of scrubbing and rubbing limescale from faucets and dishes. Maybe you also know our hard water is to blame for this time-consuming problem. But what might surprise you, as much as it did me, is that the water can damage our homes and pose a health risk to our children.

Okay, so that's the bad news. The good news is that there is a simple solution called Guardian Water Softener. They are a trusted water treatment company, passionate about giving you and your family cleaner, healthier, and softer water.

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Let's dive deeper into Utah's water concerns.

The health benefits vs. risks of hard water are disputed. But when it comes to our youngest, there's no question about the effects. A study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology revealed that high calcium carbonates in drinking water were associated with an increased risk of eczema in infants. While the study did not establish the exact effect of chlorine, it indicated that chlorine might have a similar impact. The study also pointed out that water filters alone cannot effectively remove chlorine from drinking water, so ask Guardian Water Softener to install a reverse osmosis system to be on the safe side.

So why is Utah water so high in chlorine and hardness?

Utah is a mineral-rich state, meaning that the minerals rub off on the water as it travels through streams and rivers before ending up in water reservoirs. Cities and municipalities are responsible for treating water to make it safe and palatable. One common method is using chlorine to disinfect the water, which leads to increased chlorine levels. At the same time, the plants don't treat hardness, leading to municipal water high in CaCO3 and Cl. Finding alternative solutions for obtaining soft and chlorine-free water is essential for Utah families.

That's where Guardian Water Softener comes to the rescue! With their expertise, they will get you the best water filtration solution for your needs.

Beyond the health concerns associated with hard water, property damage is another major issue. Hard water can lead to scale build-up, clogging drains and pipes, which can eventually cause leaks. Fortunately, Guardian Water Softener installs water-softening systems that are designed to filter out the minerals responsible for these problems, saving you from costly repairs and maintenance.

Guardian Water Softener is not just any company; it's a family business founded by Jeff Smith almost 40 years ago. With a team of experienced contractors, they have successfully served clients across multiple states. Jeff Smith understands the challenges Utah residents face, stating, "We live in a state where minerals are all over. You won't get away from them, but you can keep them from damaging your home. The most logical way to win the battle isn't to mask or hide them but to simply remove them so your home, clothes, skin, appliances, and everything water touches can be enjoyed. Clean, soft, and mineral-free."

Learn more about Jeff and his team here: https://guardianwatersoftener.com/

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