Water Filtration System Company Creates New DBA: VeryHealthyWater™ Highland Utah

Dec 23, 2022

Hilke Enterprises, LLC announced the creation of its new DBA company VeryHealthyWater™ based in Highland Utah and supporting customers around the world. The company specializes in home drinking water systems including high quality drinking water filters and alkaline drinking water ionization systems.

Water Filtration System Company Creates New DBA: VeryHealthyWater™ Highland Utah

Online health and wellness company, Hilke Enterprises LLC, announces the creation of its new DBA (doing business as) company, VeryHealthyWater™. The focus of the new business entity is providing families and businesses with world class technology in water purification systems including high quality top-rated contaminant-removing drinking water filtration systems and industry-leading alkaline drinking water ionization systems. VeryHealthyWater™ provides extensive water purification system resources including 12 website domains dedicated to water purification, water filters and water ionizers. The website resources are listed here: https://veryhealthywater.org/websites/.

Recently, the company applied for the "VeryHealthyWater" trademark.

Company spokesperson, Bob Hilke, expressed enthusiasm for the creation of the new DBA: "VeryHealthyWater" has been used on the company website URLs, email, and communications for the past 14 years, so formalizing VeryHealthyWater as the brand name which customers will recognize and search by just seemed like the logical next step in the business strategy."

The drinking water purification niche is an important space to be in because every person drinks water, most people ought to drink more water than they do, nearly every person already understands their water is not as pure and safe as it ought to be, and most solutions to obtain better water than tap water are expensive or not effective at removing harmful contaminants.

VeryHealthyWater™ offers excellent solutions to remove contaminants, and for much less cost than bottled water. Mr. Hilke explained: "eliminating bottled water not only saves substantial cost and inconvenience, but it also has a tremendous impact on helping save the environment by reducing reliance on plastic that ends up in landfills around the planet."

Information on specific products offered by VeryHealthyWater™ can be viewed at these websites:

Water Filters: https://veryhealthywater.org/waterfilters

Water Ionizers: https://veryhealthywater.org/waterionizers

While VeryHealthyWater™ and its parent company, Hilke Enterprises LLC, are based in Highland Utah, VeryHealthyWater™ distributes water filtration system products to customers in the United States and Canada and distributes water ionization system products to customers around the world.

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