Warning! Don’t Even Think of getting into eCommerce Until You see this

Jul 25, 2021

Start a new eCommerce Business with minimal investment and let us worry about setting it up, product sourcing, shipping and even Customer Service!

You have heard that eCommerce is booming, that you should go into that and start generating income on the side (or maybe make it your full-time job).

However, you don’t know where to start. Let’s see, so many moving parts! How do I create a Store? Where do I get products from? should I contact Vendors abroad and ask them to work with me? what if I get scammed?

How much money should I invest and how long it will take me to make a profit?

And what if for some reason it doesn’t work out after all, where is my safety net? And what about distractions in my life, family and kids, other things I want to do with my time that doesn’t generate income! 

The turnkey solution: get everything ready-made (and turnkey means getting a turnkey solution from people who have already done that part).

You can start your own store in one day! Quickly and easily. All you need is Slingly and Groovekart. Everything will be done for you! So easy even a ten-year-old can start his own business.

We have the products, the vendors, the shipping and the system to create products and sell them. You will only need to sit at your computer and bring traffic to your store.

Groovekart is a service provider that hosts and creates storefronts (including order pages, carts and checkout). The best part is that you can get it for FREE.

Slingly’s turnkey solution consists of preloaded inventory, prevetted Vendors, store design, training and even customer care. You can even create your own image catalog to use in the products.

The benefits of a turnkey system are many. First, turnkey means that you get to set up your store in minutes with no products, vendors or inventory required. It also means that the vendor has been vetted for quality and all returns and customer care have already been handled by slingly. Thirdly turnkey means that everything is automated meaning no overhead of support staff.

A turnkey solution like Groovekart saves small businesses time and money and more importantly it eliminates the risk involved when starting an eCommerce business.

To see all that we offer, check our page at www.biz2merch.com and start your own business.

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