Want to organize your affairs in case something should happen to you? Use this!

Apr 20, 2021

Let Family Know has created a life admin product for people who want to make sure their affairs are in order in case something should happen to them. The Let Family Know Keeper records important details about financial accounts, online accounts, personal wishes, personal stories, and more. This is not a substitute for legal advice or a last will and testament – but it’s a sure way to keep from leaving your family in a mess. And save them from the frustration and stress trying to find information they need to settle your affairs. It can also help prevent destructive family disagreements over what they think your wishes would have been.

We've all heard horror stories about family members who were left in a mess when someone died and didn't have any information organized. You can make sure your loved ones can access all your important information in one place – and help avoid family fighting after you pass on – when you use the Let Family Know Keeper to organize your affairs!

Let Family Know®, a company that provides information-sharing and organizational products to help keep families from dealing with a mess when their loved one has passed away, has launched the Let Family Know® Keeper.

Go to https://letfamilyknow.com for more info.

"No one is promised tomorrow," as the saying goes, so the time to prepared is now. The organizational product enables you to organize your personal information in one place. It's one of the greatest things we can do for our family before we die. The Let Family Know Keeper serves as a record of a person's affairs and ensures loved ones are able to access important information when their family member passes away. The company says people often put off organizing their important information because it feels overwhelming, they don't know where to start, and often feel they don't have time. But the unique LFK Keeper allows you to do it in a simple, affordable, and flexible way ... no matter how busy you are.

The LFK Keeper is a day-planner-sized ring binder that features fill-in-the-blank pages that are designed to be updated as the individual’s circumstances and details change over time. A downloadable version is also available for people who prefer a digital format. If you've been saying you want to get organized but you don't know where to start, the LFK Keeper has thought it all out for you. There are five sections in the Keeper: My important information; My digital life; What I want you to have; What I want you to know; and Family, friends and others. Interested parties can find a detailed overview about how to use the keeper by visiting https://youtu.be/KHOSN5UV0bc

With the products being launched, you'll be able to keep a record of all your vital information in the "My important information" section (from medical emergency info, to family and finance, where last will and testament and other important documents are located, to pet care and funeral plans). The "My digital life" section allows you to record information pertaining to your online accounts, including login details and passwords. Here's something you won't find with other products – a mini Let Family Know® Companion Keeper that adds a layer of security for passwords to websites where you access sensitive information like financial or medical.

Do you have certain people in mind who you want to have some of your more cherished items when you're no longer around? You can make your wishes known in the "What I want you to have"section." These items many times have more emotional value and less monetary value – and they may, or may not, be included in your last will and testament. The company points out that while this is NOT legally binding, the goal of this section is to help prevent family arguments and hard feelings over property distribution following a death, by giving the opportunity to explain WHY the items are being left to specific family members.

The LFK Keeper also features a, "What I want you to know" section where you can record fond memories, family traditions, values, and life achievements, and family stories you don't want to get lost to future generations. The fifth section, "Family, friends and others," is like an enhanced address book to record important contact details of friends and family. The company also offers tips and planning sheets in case you need help figuring things out.

Let Family Know is a life admin company that helps people collate the information that will matter most to family after they die. It's one way to help preserve family peace and happiness at a very stressful time.

Are you ready to organize your important info?

For more information on Let Family Know and the launch of their Let Family Know Keeper visit https://letfamilyknow.com and the URL above.

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