Be Prepared for Death by Organizing Vital Information With This Family Record Keeper

Jun 12, 2021

Let Family Know has launched a unique record keeper to help you record details about your personal information,digital life, assets, and treasured family stories before you die. It features five sections and easy-to-use fill-in-the-blank pages.

Give your family a precious gift that can be enjoyed for generations and ensure your loved ones have all your vital information when they need it most when you use the Let Family Know Keeper!

Let Family Know, a company that creates life records and organizational and admin products for families, has launched the Let Family Know Keeper.

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The keeper is an organizational product that allows people to organize their information before they die. It enables families to easily access their loved one’s important information in one place after they pass away. 

The company explains that they have created the product to provide families with a simple, flexible and affordable way of organizing important information that ensures everyone has access to vital information after a death.

The keeper features a sturdy, legacy ring binder with five sections that includes templated, fill-in-the-blank pages. These can be updated as your circumstances change. The sections are: important information, digital life, a list of items you are leaving behind that may not be in your will, personal memories and family stories, and an address book.

Essential details can be documented in the important information section of the record keeper, while the digital life section allows you to record information relating to any online accounts and passwords you hold.

A section that offers information on what you are passing down that may not be in your will included in the launch. The company says this section is not an alternative for a legally-binding will, but an opportunity for you to explain why you are leaving a particular item to a specific person. They say this can help to prevent family fighting after a death.

The personal memories and family stories section allows you to record personal stories, achievements, family traditions, and fond memories from your life before you die. This is a priceless gift for loved ones who are left behind and ensures precious family memories are not forgotten from one generation to the next.

An address book section is also included and features names, addresses, and contact details of your family and friends. For people who prefer a digital option, a fillable PDFs version of the Let Family Know Keeper pages is also available. More information can be found by visiting

Let Family Know is the creator of the Let Family Know Keeper. The company’s founder created the product after experiencing first-hand how frustrating it can be trying to collate personal information … or to find information after a family death.

Are you ready to collate all your vital info?

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