Want To Improve Online Customer Engagement & Success? CXera Experiences Can Help

May 4, 2022

Do your customers miss the personal connections your business has lost since moving online? Would you like to create engaging digital onboarding journeys for your clients in minutes from popular services like Zoom and Slack? Then CXera’s microsite builder is the solution for you!

Want To Improve Online Customer Engagement & Success? CXera Experiences Can Help

Has your business struggled to maintain its personal touch with customers due to the move to online connections? CXera’s cloud-based innovative digital experience solution offers a customizable alternative to boring and bland onboarding processes.

With the solution, your business can develop engaging and successful Customer Everboarding processes that build and improve your clients’ experiences online in the increasingly digital world.

Visit https://www.prweb.com/releases/2022/1/prweb18441816.htm for more information.

The solution gives you the ability to quickly and easily create digital microsites that are designed to meet the specific needs of your customers at any point in their onboarding journey.

As the world of customer interactions has seen a drastic shift towards online connections, your business needs to find ways to evolve its processes and engagement strategies. However, without the personal touches that face-to-face interactions have, online customer experiences can often feel clinical, less engaging, and leave you unaware of customer satisfaction. CXera’s innovative solution brings back the individuality of customer engagement and targeted ongoing collaboration necessary to enable customer success through digital Everboarding microsites.

The cloud-based solution allows you to build customized microsites for all stages of your customers’ onboarding journey, from initial contact to customer success. Everboarding microsites are based on templates that include a range of features that deliver targeted communications, drive regular collaboration, act on customer input, and improve the Everboarding microsite through detailed analytics.

The system has been developed with an intuitive interface, wizard guides, and step-by-step instructions, meaning it can be used by any member of your business team to create microsites whenever they are needed from tools they already use, such as Google, Slack and Zoom. Furthermore, CXera is an open solution that can be integrated with your company’s existing website and other applications to seamlessly fit with your current staff and customer workflows.

The latest updates to CXera include the addition of improved dashboards for customer behavior analysis. It also features enhanced branding, graphics galleries and 20+ templates for creating microsites that incorporate proven successful processes for all stages of your customer’s success journey.

Co-Founded by CEO Craig Nelson, the company has been working closely with early customers to help them improve their success with onboarding strategies that help retain customers, improve their experience and NPS, and increase renewal and add-on business.

If you want to learn how the Everboarding microsites can help improve your customers’ success, you can book a 30-minute demonstration or 60-minute deep dive into the solution’s capabilities.

For more information, you can visit https://www.cxera.com/demo-request where you can schedule a demonstration.

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