Visit This Concord Hot Dog Eatery For Premium Hot Dog & Sausage Choices!

Aug 25, 2022

Hot dog! Relish the good times in Concord with the best dawg shop in town – up and running at last! Call Hillside Dawgz at 925-822-3425 to find out more.

Visit This Concord Hot Dog Eatery For Premium Hot Dog & Sausage Choices!

You’ve been calling out for top-quality hot dog options in Concord, and franks to Hillside Dawgz, they’re finally here - puns and buns intended!

The new eatery offers an alternating daily menu designed to provide you with a wide range of sausages and hot dogs. As part of its selections, Hillside Dawgz makes available eight varieties of sausage for its specialty hot dogs - including pork, beef, and chicken as well as vegetarian-friendly menu options.

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With the recent opening, Hillside Dawgz also brings a lively entertainment scene to your local Concord community. The shop, easily accessible to residents from Clayton and throughout the Greater East Bay Area, hosts comedy shows, live music, and more as part of an effort to enrich the dining experience for you and other valued guests.

From its extensive menu, Hillside Dawgz offers you specialty hot dog choices such as its Chicago Dog, Hillside Dog, and SF Street Dog, featuring ingredients from beef frankfurters and Polish kielbasa to smoked bratwurst, sesame buns, and more. For sides, the shop provides salads, sweet corn, and BBQ baked beans with the intention of soon adding fries and bowls to its repertoire.

Hillside Dawgz seeks to establish a reputation as a fully customizable hot dog shop. That’s why it makes available a wide selection of toppings and sauces you’ll love - comprising Buffalo sauce and Sriracha alongside bell pepper, horseradish, sauerkraut, and other options.

The Concord hot dog specialists say their accompanying mission is to support the local entertainment crowd by showcasing your area’s talent. They welcome musical artists, comedians, and entertainers to contribute to their shop’s thriving atmosphere.

Come on down - the Concord brick-and-mortar sausage and hot dog eatery operates from Clayton Road with 11 am to 7 pm opening hours. Its official website will soon feature a real-time event schedule detailing upcoming musicians, comedians, and others. You can also sign up for email notifications to stay informed with regular updates.

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A shop representative said: "As a family-owned business, run by East Bay Area natives, we created this shop to reflect and support our community. We strive to provide the best sausages and hot dogs that you can find in a comfortable environment - whether you’re looking to kick back or just grab a quick lunch."

Let’s be frank - you’ve found your go-to hot dog eatery!

If you’re in or around Concord, head to to learn more about Hillside Dawgz today!

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