Video Marketing & Production Agency Near Escondido CA Releases 2018 Report Use Video To Grow Your Business

Nov 3, 2017

Chula Vista digital video marketing company announced a new 2018 free report “How To Use Video To Grow Your Business Today” to help successful small business growth for business owners in Escondido CA and surrounding areas.

Chula Vista CA based digital video marketing company's report aims to show how small to medium businesses can harness and leverage online marketing videos to grow their businesses while creating trust with their potential customer, client or patient. It also aims to show small to medium businesses the top 5 most powerful types of videos to use. The focus of the report is to share how to convert prospects into customers using professional looking and branded online marketing videos.

This free 2018 report can be found at

Studies show that companies using video marketing grow their revenues 49% faster than those which don’t. Local Reputation Edge wrote this report to give small to medium businesses the most up to date information to compete with larger businesses using affordable video as a means to grow their business.

They are offering this report with this audience in mind, successful small to medium size businesses, because as indicated by the Cisco's study illustrating the world's internet video traffic is to be 80% by 2019. Most business owners are aware of the power of using videos but often feel that their company cannot afford to have them produced. Videos such as client testimonials, exclusive interviews, client services and products, can be produced today at an affordable price even for a minimal marketing and advertising company budget.

Video marketing is one of the most significant forms of communication with most potential customers, clients and patients. The truth is a business owner can’t afford not to consider using this powerful medium for any business no matter what size.

Video engages customers and sets any company apart from their competitors. Video is a great medium in which to tell any company story. The videos will help companies have a “face” that customers can easily recognize and come to trust. Using technology for video creation and distribution, any business can easily compete in the marketplace.

Clients can also contact Local Reputation Edge for more information on video production and marketing.

Full details can be found on the URL above, where interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided

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