Valuable Lessons from Retired Epidemiologist’s Best-Selling Books on Disease Outbreaks

Feb 25, 2021

There is so much more to learn about infectious diseases and how to control them. Dr. Cornelia Davis opens up about her experience as a medical epidemiologist battling emerging diseases in Africa and Asia.

The beauty of the past is that it teaches you how to live the future. Even if today may seem unbearable, there are lessons to be learned from people who have experienced similar things before. 

Dr. Cornelia Davis, a retired epidemiologist, and medical consultant, recently talks about her life experience over the last three decades around Asia and Africa in preparation for the launch of her third book, “Risking Is Better Than Regretting: Live Without Regrets”. The award-winning best-selling author of two books recounts her journey in fighting disease outbreaks in developing countries. 

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The new discussion on Dr. Davis’ previous books, and the experiences she recalls there, comes when the world is currently experiencing its worldwide pandemic of Covid-19. Her first book, “Searching for Sitala Mata, Eradicating Smallpox in India”, discusses how Davis worked with the World Health Organization in West Bengal and Rajasthan in India to eradicate smallpox in various communities. The non-fiction book details Davis’s symbolic search for Sitala Mata, the Hindu smallpox goddess, and its positive conclusion.

Dr. Davis says that the public can learn valuable lessons from her first book on how to control the recent global medical phenomenon. She says that her experience in India changed her focus from pediatrics to working in international public health in 20 countries. 

Connie, as she is known to her friends, also recalls her experience in Ethiopia, during the time the country was experiencing its civil war and working to prevent epidemic meningitis. “Three Years in Ethiopia, How a Civil War and Epidemics Led Me to my Daughter”, Davis’ second book, became Amazon’s best-selling book among new releases in eight categories. The challenges she experienced became some of her most cherished, as they led her to her adopted daughter. 

All these experiences inspired Davis to write her third book, which will be released in April. The book encourages readers to trust their intuition and move out of their comfort zone. She reminds readers that if you want anything in life to change, you must make the choice, to take the chance.

 Dr. Cornelia Davis worked for 35 years in Africa and Asia for WHO, UNICEF, and USAID.

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