Cornelia E. Davis’ Memoir & Motivational Book Inspires Readers To Take Risks

Apr 24, 2023

Learn how to take risks and to live life to the fullest with Humanitarian Service Award-winner Cornelia E. Davis and her latest book.

Discover the happiness and value that awaits you if you start taking risks in life, thanks to the wisdom contained in Cornelia E. Davis’ new book, ‘Risking is Better than Regretting’.

The recently awarded 2022 UCSF School of Medicine Humanitarian Service recipient is proud to be offering her latest inspirational memoir as both a paperback and on Amazon Kindle. Cornelia E. Davis worked for over 35 years as an epidemiologist and public health expert for the World Health Organization (WHO) and has translated this challenging but life-affirming journey into a motivational book that helps you learn how to take risks.

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Her recent commendation by the UCSF School of Medicine showcases Davis’ reputation and standing in the international humanitarian community and reflects what a powerful read her latest memoir is for anyone who wants to live a meaningful life and contribute more good to the world.

Having worked in twenty countries in Asia and Africa, Cornelia E. Davis built a career that led her to truly understand the meaning and value of life. She includes this valuable knowledge in ‘Risking is Better than Regretting’ and helps guide you through a concerted process of reflection, helping you to consider the extent to which you are living the life you desire.

The book encourages you to create a ‘do-over’ list that directs you to live with a greater purpose and helps you to focus on the things in life that can truly bring you a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

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‘Risking is Better than Regretting’ is the follow-up to Davis’ two previous successful books including her Gold Medal Global Ebook Award-winning 2017 book ‘Searching for Sitala Mata: Eradicating Smallpox in India’ and her follow-up from 2019, ‘Three Years in Ethiopia: How a Civil War and Epidemics Led Me to My Daughter’.

Cornelia E. Davis is an acclaimed epidemiologist and now USCF Humanitarian Service Award recipient who helped eradicate smallpox in India and who has worked tirelessly to improve the health outcomes of people throughout the majority world. You can purchase all of her inspiring books on Amazon.

A spokesperson for the award-winning humanitarian and author said, “Risking Is Better Than Regretting compels you to look inward and examine your life. Cornelia E. Davis inspires you to take calculated risks. She reminds you that if you want anything in life to change, you must make the choice to take the chance.”

You can learn much about life from Cornelia E. Davis through her inspiring life, career, and books.

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