Vagus Nerve Stimulation For Focused Mind: Pulsetto vs Apollo Comparison

Apr 15, 2024

Pulsetto’s vagus nerve stimulation wellness device can help reduce stress and improve your mental focus. Kiss brain fog goodbye and achieve a state of calm with Pulsetto.

Find Your Focus With Pulsetto

Stressed out. Reading the same paragraph over and over again. Freaking out about tomorrow’s presentation. Forgetting how to string a sentence together. Stressing out more. Unable to even follow my own thought process. Brain fog is making even the most basic work tasks impossible! That is until I found a surprising solution to my mental muddle and chronic lack of sleep: Pulsetto.

Who would have thought that some electric waves could get my brain waves back on track?! Find out if Pulsetto could help you at       

How Does It Work?

This non-invasive wellness device uses carefully timed electrical pulses to target the vagus nerve, the body’s internal control system responsible for digestion, heart rate and the immune system. Research has shown that the correct pattern of stimuli can influence the nervous system to achieve a state of calm, improving the mind’s ability to focus.

And, boy, does it work! After only a few sessions, I noticed a huge improvement in my body and mind. And it’s not just me! After just 15 short sessions with Pulsetto’s vagus nerve stimulator, users reported: 

  • +47% more focus
  • -64% less anxiety
  • +35% better mood
  • +27% improved sleep.

Pulsetto Features

Pulsetto’s wearable torc-like design fits comfortably around your neck and can be paired with an app so that you can customize the variance, speed and intensity of the electrical pulses. The app also includes a whole host of pre-programmed options to help you work on specific problem areas, such as improved sleep, reduced stress or better mental focus (the last one was a winner for me!).

The lightweight design makes Pulsetto easy to use for short or more lengthy sessions and the conductive gel, included in every order, ensures greater skin contact for the most effective results from your vagus nerve stimulator device.

How Does Pulsetto Compare?

Yes, there are other options available. But whilst other non-invasive vagus nerve stimulators on the market target the chest or wrist with vibrations (I’m looking at you Apollo), Pulsetto’s new device uses enhanced Bluetooth technology to focus the electrical impulses on the vagus nerve as it passes through the neck. 

Recent scientific studies have shown that the most active region for the vagus nerve is the neck – it’s the literal stress-reducing sweet spot – so Pulsetto’s vagus nerve stimulator is designed to create optimal results by concentrating the stimuli on this area. 

Why waste your time with a buzzing wristband when you can get right to the source and get real calming results in just a few short minutes?

So, if you want to de-stress and find your focus, you need to try Pulsetto’s vagus nerve stimulator. Get yours at   

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